Best Black Owned Textured Hair Brands For Afro/Kinky Hair Textures

Best Black Owned Textured Hair Brands For Afro/Kinky Hair Textures

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Next up in our Black History Month series is a post on the some amazing Afro/Kinky haircare brands. Read on for a list of some of the best black-owned textured hair brands. These brands know how to deliver the best products because they were created by people who not only understand the struggles of caring for Black hair, but also know how beautiful it is. Your hair will thank us for it.



If you've ever dreamed of hair extension designed specifically for black hair that aren't the standard straight or body-wave texture but instead come in texture specifically made to match the natural textures of black hair, get ready to make those dreams a reality thanks to KinkyCurlyYaki

Before KinkyCurlyYaki, there were next to no brands offering high-quality hair extensions in textures that blended seamlessly with natural hair. Its founder, Vivian Kaye wanted to address those needs to allow Black women to show off their natural hair textures while still being able to experiment with length, colour and style through protective styling like wigs. 

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Kurly Klips

Kurly Klips is the OG when it comes to clip-in hair extensions in natural Afro textures. Named by Essence as Best in Black Beauty, Kurly Klips' selection of Afro-puffs, ponytails and standard clip-in wefts are a quick, hassle free way to update your style without having to repeatedly straighten and risk damaging your beautiful kinks, coils or curls.

Whether you're in-between wash days and need a quick-fix or want to try something new, we highly recommend checking out this incredible brand. We're also completely in love with their Detangling Caddy. This clever gadget is used to keep your wefts neatly clipped on to allow you to brush, detangle and even style it ready for wear. Perfect. 

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Heat Free Hair

It's all in the name when it comes to Heat Free Hair. All about encouraging Black women to embrace their natural textures and stay away from the overuse of heat styling which can lead to damage, Heat Free Hair offers 100% virgin hair extensions made exclusively for natural textures. 

Whether it's clip-ins, full lace wigs or drawstring ponytails, Heat Free Hair have you covered. What's more, they own their entire business operation (even the factory) so you know you're getting only the best.  Don't forget to keep your wigs secure using The Wig Fix. Created by The Renatural, it's a silicone hair gripper designed to keep full wigs secure without damaging edges. Perfect for wig-lovers who want to keep their wigs on all day and their natural hair protected and definitely one of the best black owned textured hair brands. 

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To All My Black Girls 


Founded by Anu Obe who wanted to build "a company which stood entirely for black women, and in which black women would be completely adored and accepted for who they are" UK-based brand To All My Black Girls has done just that. 

From textured hair extensions to head wraps, face masks and accessories, To All My Black Girls is the perfect place for some incredible products. We especially love their range of wig hats–hats with hair attached to them that make them perfect for throwing on when you don't have time for your full hair routine. 

We'd love to know what your favourite Black-owned haircare brands are so connect with us through our social media to let us know!

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