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15 Tips To Make Your Wig Look Less 'Wiggy'

15 Tips To Make Your Wig Look Less 'Wiggy'

Wigs are the perfect tool to accentuate one's own beauty, but sometimes they are tricky to style in a natural way that looks less 'wiggy'. When going for a natural look, you want the wig to be a part of you, to retain your authenticity and originality. If that's the look you'd like to achieve, keep reading for 15 tips on how to make your wig look less 'wiggy'. 

1.      Pluck Baby Hairs

Lace fronts sometimes come looking a bit too perfect. They can come loaded with extra baby hair strands that may not resemble a real human hairline. We recommend using a pair of tweezers to pluck out the excess baby hair strands, but don’t overdo it or you will have bald spots on your wig (we've also been there before).

2.      Wear A Lace Closure

If you want your wig to look less 'wiggy', then a lace closure or a lace front wig could work well for you. This closure can be used to blend in your wig to your forehead, thereby concealing the wig. And if you don’t want to hurt your hairline, you can use The Wig Fix to hold your closure in place.

3.      Don’t Shy Off From Dying

Trying out different colors allows your wig to stand out and helps conceal that you're actually wearing a wig. By being confident with your wig, it gives off the illusion that it is actually natural hair.

Dying Wig To Make It Look Less Wiggy.

Image | Dying Wig To Make It Look Less Wiggy

4.      Wear Lace Fronts And Monofilament Tops

Lace front wigs give the illusion that hair is actually growing out of your scalp, making them the perfect choice if you want to make your wig look less 'wiggy'.

5.      Know Your Wig Size

Another important thing to observe when you want to make your wig look less 'wiggy' is wearing the right size. This will ensure your wig looks as realistic as possible because if it’s undersized or oversized, it will easily become noticeable.

6.      Replace Your Wig Regularly

Your wig is not immortal. It wears, tears, and loses its glory with time. If you want to slay a realistic look every time, then it helps to understand when your wig has had too much and you can then replace it with a new one.

7.      Cut The Lace To Fit Your Frame

Unfortunately, there’s only limited sizes of lace wigs to choose from. So if you find that your wig has a larger lace than your frame, try and trim the extra lace away. Just make sure not to cut away the baby hairs!

8.      Blend In The Lace

Use a concealer and lightly brush along the hairline and middle part of the wig to match your skin tone with the lace. This will help have a more natural look, by perfectly matching your wig to you.

9.      If Your Have Hair, It Helps To Lay It Flat

If you’re wearing a wig on top of your real hair, then make sure that your hair is lying flat down, or is short, if you’ll be wearing it for a long time. Additionally, you can use braids, cornrows, and low buns to lay it down or wear a stocking cap.

 Cornrows Before Putting On A Wig

Image Cornrows Before Putting On A Wig

10.      Mess It Up A Bit

Wigs can come looking perfect, but sometimes that makes them more noticeable. Therefore, before wearing your wig, you can cut a few strands of hair on your wig to make it look like they’re just growing out of your scalp. You can even pick a couple of hairs to place on the ‘wrong’ side of the parting so it isn't completely perfect. (We know it can hurt to do this and not have a perfect parting, but we promise it will be worth it!)

11.      Align With Your Hairline

Remember, if you want your wig to look like real hair, the best way to go is to imitate natural hair as much as possible. So it helps to have your wig sit where your natural hairline would start. 

12.      Take Care Of Your Wig

Don’t just wear your wig and forget about it. Treat it like you would take care of natural hair. Shampoo and condition it, apply hair products and even style it like you would style natural hair.

13.      Get Rid Of The Shine

If the wig is more shiny and silky than natural hair, then rub some baby powder on it and let it settle. Flour also works just as good!

14.      Sometimes, Time Is A Healer

If you wear your wig often, it will start to look more and more real as it ages. So don’t always rush for your newest collection! Like wine, wigs get better with time. In fact, when you buy it, let it sit for some time on the wig head so the packaging shape can fade away. Or maybe even wear it in the house for some time before heading out with it. Works magic! 

15.      Style It

Last, but certainly not least, you can make your wig look less 'wiggy' by styling it into your favorite hairstyle. This way, it becomes almost synonymous with yourself, helping you accentuate your natural beauty.

Hopefully, the above 15 tips on how to make your wig look less 'wiggy' will help you transform your wig into something that feels like it's part of yourself and you can enjoy playing with different looks. If you have more suggestions, leave a comment below and we’ll surely add it onto our list!

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