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Serena Williams in afro-type, straight and curly wigs

A Moment of Silence for Serena Williams' Wigs

Whether on the court or on the red carpet, Serena Williams never fails to give us an admirable, jaw-dropping hair look. A month after Wimbledon, we’re celebrating Serena Williams’ hair looks - keep reading for some hair and wig inspiration you can send to your stylist, today! 

Incredible Kinks 

Williams never shys away from a kinky-curly look, and here, she showed us just how fearless she can get with her curls. The transformational afro-type curls were complemented by deep brown roots and light brown ends. With her sun-kissed deep curls, the tennis-champ-turned-businesswoman gave the girls kinky-curly inspiration for the summer and beyond! 

The Wig Fix, The Renatural, Kinky Curls, Curly Hair, Afro-type hairImage | Serena Williams' Kinky Curly Wig

On-Court Curls

And of course, we could never neglect Williams' on-court curls. What do we love most about Williams' serves on the tennis court? She also serves us undeniable hair looks! 

Her ombre ponytail, graduating from jet black roots down to light honey-blonde ends, captured the attention of several supporters, including us. A practical step, Williams made use of grips, pins and bands to keep her hair in place, while keeping her opposition on their toes.

P.S we can’t move on without appreciating her slick back edges - if Williams can keep her edges laid whilst running up and down a court in the heat, then this gives us hope that we can keep ours laid for brunch... at least!

Serena Williams wears a kinky curly ponytail wig with highlights

 Image | Serena Williams' Practical Ombre Ponytail


Serena Goes Straight

But what about when Williams switches it up to straight hair? That’s right - we still stand (or cheer) in awe!

Williams took the straighteners out and wowed us with her new look for the Wimbledon Champions Dinner... we mean, straight, a side-part and long?! Far from the norm for Williams, her look was appreciated, hailed and never forgotten. 

Let us know in the comments - are you rocking with straight Serena or Curls Serena? We can't decide!

A Curly Lob for the Ages

We couldn’t discuss Williams’ show-stoppings wigs without bringing your attention to her iconic lob earlier this year. Long bobs, also referred to as lobs, have been in all year, and we’re over the moon that Williams showed us her take on it.

With blonde and brown highlights, and water-wave curls, Williams strutted into the Critics Choice Award with her stunning curly lob and took some amazing flicks that we’re forever grateful for. If you're looking for some more blonde Serena Williams-inspired hair looks, check out this Elle article here!

 Serena Williams wears a long highlighted bob at the critics choice awards

 Image | Serena Williams at the Critics Choice Awards


From kinks, curls and bone-straight wigs, there isn’t a wig Serena Williams has rocked that we haven’t cherished. You would think being a mother of 2, a successful fashion designer, and of course, one of the world’s greatest tennis players that it may be hard to keep slaying wig looks every so often - but no, our queen keeps her hair top notch and in style at all times! Looking for more wig inspiration? Check out our previous blog here!

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