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10 Best Rated Amazon Wigs

10 Best Rated Amazon Wigs

If you were looking for a high quality wig just a few years ago, Amazon may not have been your first choice. Where the words "Amazon wigs" might have once conjured up images of stiff, low-quality synthetic wigs with bad reviews, things have changed dramatically. Now, Amazon is a go-to wig destination for wig lovers looking for affordable, unique wigs without compromising on quality. And that famous Prime delivery doesn't hurt either. But are Amazon wigs worth the hype? Keep reading as we take you through the best rated Amazon wigs. 

Black Body Wave by Margarety – $91.89

black body wave wig best rated amazon wigs

Is your wig collection really complete without a black body wave unit? No. This is why this gorgeous body wave wig by Margarety is a must-have for any wig lover. Available in 16-30" lengths, it's an amazing option for an everyday wig. Featuring a 4x4 closure, it also comes pre-plucked and with bleached knots meaning it's also great for beginners or those looking for an affordable human hair wig on Amazon that doesn't require tons of customisation. 

22" Synthetic 613 Wig by QD-Tizer – $19.90

If blonde wigs are more your thing, look no further than this synthetic wig option from QD-Tizer. Coming in at less than $20, this unit is made from premium synthetic fibres and pre-styled with trendy, wispy bangs. Not to mention, it also comes in a variety of other hues including red, blue and lilac.

Seraphine Lace Front Wig by Outre – $99.99

If you're a regular on #WigTok (the wig side of TikTok) you will have most likely seen videos of this wig hailed as one of the best affordable Amazon wigs available.

 The wig in question is the Outre Seraphine wig. This frontal wig not only comes with a high quality transparent lace, it also arrives pre-plucked. It also comes with a glueless band already installed making it a perfect option to wear with the Wig Fix. A silicone hair, gripper, the Wig Fix keeps wigs secured whilst also protecting your edges! 


Short Bob With Wispy Bangs by DNE Hair Store – $34.99

amazon bob wig dne hair store

Made from Brazilian hair, this closure bob wig is a super cute summer wig option for any wig lover. The wispy bangs not only give the wig added interest, it also gives an effortless vibe to your look–a definite must-have for your wig closet. 

Water Wave Headband Wig by Beckoning – $46.99

amazon water wave headband wig

If headband wigs are more your thing, we love this water wave headband wig by Beckoning. Available in a range of lengths from 14" all the up to 26", there's a length to suit anyone's style. And at less than $50, it's an amazing option for a quick 'throw on' wig. 

Pink Pastel Bob by VCKOVCKO Store – $21.99

Whether you want to update your wig wardrobe with something a little different or you're looking for your next cosplay wig, this wavy, pastel wig by VCKOVCKO Store is a dream, and with almost 10k reviews, over 80% of them rate this wig at 4 stars and higher.

But pink isn't your style, it's also available in a range of other beautiful pastel tones. This synthetic wig is made from high-quality fibres that are also heat friendly (although we would always recommend keeping heat styling of synthetic wigs to a minimum to preserve their lifespan). 

Kinky Curly Synthetic Wig by RunM Hair – $25.98

best kinky curly amazon wig

If you love protective styling but still want to wear a kinky hair texture, this short kinky wig by RunM hair is the affordable wig option you've been looking for. Rated highly with over 80% of reviews giving it 4 stars or more, buyers have called it "a good find", a "favorite wig" and "THE BOMB". 

And rocking a natural texture doesn't mean you have to keep the colour simple! If you want to try something different, this wig is also available in green, pink, and red. 

Long Wavy Lace Front Pink Wig by IMSTYLE Store – $52.88

long pink lace front amazon wig

We're keeping the theme of bright-hued wigs going with this wig by IMSTYLE Store. Over 80% of reviews have rated this wig 4 stars or higher making it one of the best rated Amazon wigs, and we can see why. Despite being made from synthetic fibres, reviews have hailed it for being easy to style with minimal tangling and shedding. 

Cloud9 Dashly Wig by Sensationnel – $30.70 

sensationnel rashly wig

Another Amazon wig that's had the TikTok seal of approval is the Sensationnel Dashly wig. This lace front wig is available in a range of shades, but it's the heat-resistant fibres, soft, high-quality lace and deep center part that make this synthetic wig look more luxe than it is. It's also only $35.99. No wonder it's one of Amazon's best rated wigs!

Ombre Headband Wig by Beauty Forever – $123.79

best amazon ombre head band wig

A little pricier than some other Amazon wigs in this list of the best rated Amazon wigs, this ombre blonde wig by Beauty Forever is worth the price tag. Not only is it made from 100% Virgin Brazilian hair, it's also well constructed. Reviews also hail it for being easy to take of, soft and with minimal shedding which makes it easy to see why it's one of the best rated Amazon wigs with over 80% of ratings being 4 stars or higher. Finally, the beautiful honey tones in the wig make it a perfect summer wig. 

Do you buy any wigs from Amazon? Let us know which Amazon wigs you think are the best! 

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All images used were found on their respective Amazon listings. 

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