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How To Feel More Comfortable Wearing A Wig

How To Feel More Comfortable Wearing A Wig

Building confidence to wear a wig can seem daunting at first. Inexperience coupled with negative stereotypes wrongly associated with wigs can stop you from realising your wig dreams but thankfully, there are steps you can take to make wig wearing fun for you. Keep reading for our tips on how to make wearing wigs more comfortable.  

Establish Your Reasons 

Thinking over why you want to wear wigs is a great start in building confidence within yourself. Whether it's because you want to try something new, for medical reasons or just because you can, remembering why wigs appealed to you in the first place can keep you motivated to follow through with wearing, and most importantly enjoying wigs. 

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Learning more about wigs and the type of wigs you'd like to wear can make you more confident about wigs. YouTube is full of thousands of beginner-friendly videos you can refer to in your wig journey–from how to find beginner friendly wigs to how to customise your own wig at home, YouTube is a holy-grail resource for all types of wig-wearers. 

Play It Safe 

If you're nervous about wearing a wig for the first time, try sticking to a more 'natural' and 'safe' style that looks similar to your natural hair or the non-wig style you usually wear.

This can be especially helpful if you're wearing wigs due to health conditions like alopecia or cancer. By going for a style that's familiar to you, it won't take as long to get used to a completely foreign style.

Similarly, if you're worried about questions from other people at the prospect of you wearing a wig, wearing a style similar to your regular styles can also ward off unwanted questions.

Get Used To It At Home 

Wearing your new wig at home is a great way to get start your journey to feeling more comfortable wearing a wig. Take the time to familiarise yourself with your wig by trying out different ways to style it, how to attach it and how it feels to wear a wig for an extended period of time. 

With the global pandemic affecting the way many of us live and work, if you find yourself spending more time at home, it's a great opportunity to also experiment with wigs. Amazon offers a great selection of affordable, diverse wigs for you to play around with. 

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Treat the time you spend experimenting with wigs at home like you would if you were to wear your wig out: if it's an everyday wig, incorporate it into your morning beauty routine as you would if you were going out for the day. Steps like this can help you familiarise yourself with wigs and see how they would fit into your day-to-day lifestyle to help you alleviate any worries or discomfort.

Keeping It Secure 

A common worry that discourages people from wearing wigs is the thought that their wig will fall off in public and cause embarrassment. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent this happening. 

The key to keeping your wig secure is to first of all get a wig that fits. Measure your head to determine what wig size would be best for you (always cross reference your measurements with those of the wig manufacturer itself).

Secondly, use reliable and comfortable attachment methods like the Wig Fix. A silicone hair gripper, the Wig Fix uses the natural gripping abilities of silicone to keep your wig secured without damaging your natural hair or skin and is also suitable for people with sensitive skin or no bio-hair. 


Answering That Question 

"Are you wearing a wig?" Despite the growing popularity and more widespread normalisation of wigs across different countries, cultures and societies, wigs are unfortunately still sometimes viewed as 'other'.

One way this manifests is through people who may not know a lot about wigs asking the dreaded question: "Are you wearing a wig?" How you answer is completely up to you: you might give them a full rundown or you can tell them it's none of their business. The choice is yours! 

Enjoy It 

Gaining the confidence to proudly wear your wigs isn't always something that will happen over night. In addition to trying the above tips, try to make your wig wearing fun for you because after all, wigs are supposed to make you feel happy and confident. 

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Do you have any tips that have made you more comfortable wearing a wig? Share them with us in the comments. 

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