Hate Lace but Love Wigs? We've Got You...

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You love wigs but you hate lace - a tragedy… so you thought! What if we told you that your hair dilemma isn't actually a dilemma at all? That the two emotions, love for wigs and hate for lace, can peacefully co-exist, while rocking a 20" deep-wave bundles? Keep reading because as per usual, we’ve got you!

Option 1: U-Part and V-Part Wigs

Recently on TikTok, we’ve been seeing the long-awaited return of the leave-out… and we’re so here for it! If you’re happy with having a small section of your natural hair out, all in the name of lace-ditching, then why not try a U-part or V-part wig? 

U-part wigs are those that have a U-shaped opening at the top of the wig, where your lace frontal would traditionally sit. This is a perfect way to remove lace from the equation and allow your natural hair to seamlessly blend with your new bundles. V-part wigs (derived from U-part wigs), have a V-shaped opening instead. Just like U-part wigs, you can ditch the lace and keep all the natural-hair-goodness with this revolutionary hairstyle. When looking to detach yourself from lace units, U-part and V-part wigs just might be your girl. Check out our previous blog on U-part and V-part wigs to find out more! 

v-part wig, u-part wig, wigs, wig, half-wig, lace frontal, leave out, hair, The Wig Fix, The RenaturalImage | V-Part Wig


Option 2: Headband Wigs

We get it. Winter comes around way too quick to have our luscious locs out for so long. If a protective style is what you’re interested in without any lace glory, then you should try out headband wigs. Headband wigs, also commonly referred to as half-wigs are ‘made with a piece of material at the wig’s base, mimicing a headband’. The ease of application and natural look have won the hearts of several wig weares. Plus, they do not ‘require any combs, clips or glue’ - lucky us! Without the security of lace adhesives, we’d suggest maximising wig-sturdiness with the silicone wig grip, The Wig Fix

v-part wig, u-part wig, wigs, wig, half-wig, lace frontal, leave out, hair, The Wig Fix, The RenaturalImage | Headband Wig


Option 3: Extensions

If all else fails, and you’re not quite enjoying what the V-part, U-part and headband wigs have to offer, do not worry - we have another trusty tip for you - extensions. The girls on TikTok love it and so do we! The summer time is the best season to embrace your natural hair as bad weather concerns become a distant memory. From tape-ins to micro-links, extension alternatives may just be the hidden laceless-gem you’ve been searching for all along!

v-part wig, u-part wig, wigs, wig, half-wig, lace frontal, leave out, hair, The Wig Fix, The Renatural


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Now that we’ve spilt the tea on lace-alternative hairstyles, we want to find out whether you have a go-to that you use and why. Let us know your stories, experiences and thoughts on lace-alternative styles - this is a safe hair space!

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