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Head Sizes And Wigs

Head Sizes And Wigs

Head sizes and wigs are closely linked. After all, a wig always looks the best when it's correctly fitted and a correct fit comes from knowing your head size. While this may seem straightforward, even people who regularly wear wigs don't always know their sizes. So whether you're new to the wig game or just need a refresh, we're taking you through the basics of head sizes and wigs. 


What Wig Sizes Are Out There? 

Unless you're getting your wig custom-made by yourself or someone else, you'll often find that most ready-made wigs come with a Small, Medium, or Large cap size. These generally fit heads with circumferences between 21-21.5", 22-22.5", and 23-23.5" respectively.  These thresholds may differ slightly according to different manufacturers and retailers so even if you think you know your head size, it's always a good idea to double-check your measurements against those provided by the manufacturer or retailer especially if it's your first time purchasing from them. 


Determining Your Measurements 

So how do you find out your measurements? The chart below is one commonly seen in the wig world which acts as a great guide for determining your head measurements. For a lot of retailers–especially those online–knowing your circumference measurement alone is enough to determine a suitable size amongst their available options. This is because as they mass-produce wigs, it's easier for them and the customer to offer a simple, straightforward measurement system. Too many options can make the process confusing especially for less experienced wig wearers. 

head sizes and wigs

Bespoke wigs created on a smaller scale by stylists who tailor each wig to a customer's specifications, however, may require measurements for different parts of the head such as the nape and sides. This allows for a truly customised fit.



Unless you've had your wig tailored and fitted to you in person (even that can be difficult, if not near impossible during a pandemic), you might find that your wig may be a little tight or too loose. Older wigs that have been worn a lot can also sometimes fall victim to general wear and tear which can make them loosen over time. Thankfully, there are some quick fixes that can help your wig fit better. 

If your wig is too tight, try the following: 


And if your wig is too loose try these tips:

  • A glueless band – these are relatively easy to install yourself and can often fix the problem of a loose wig by allowing you to customise the fit to suit you. Make sure not to wear it too tight as this may cause discomfort throughout wear. Your wig should always feel snug but never suffocating. 
  • Wear a wig cap – sometimes switching your wig cap out to one that is slightly thicker can help solve the problem of a loose wig 

Keeping Your Wig Secured 

If after finding the perfectly sized wig you find that it still doesn't feel completely secure, this may be due to your attachment method. Wigs are generally associated with excessive glue and uncomfortable combs/clips which can all lead to hair damage when worn excessively over prolonged periods.

However, a new era for wig attachments has dawned thanks to the Wig Fix. Created by The Renatural, the Wig Fix is a silicone hair gripper that uses the natural gripping abilities of silicone to keep full circumference wigs secured. 

How does it work? The pressure from the circumference of the wig pushes down on the Wig fix, activating the grip also known as frictional adhesion). 


Share your tip wig tips with us and The Renatural community below!

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