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How To Extend The Life Of Your Wigs

How To Extend The Life Of Your Wigs

Just because one of your wigs may be a little older than your others doesn't mean you throw it away at the first signs of wear. Keep reading for some tip on how to extend the life of your wigs.

Give It Some TLC

Before debating whether or not to get rid of a wig because you think it's "old", take a second to think whether it's really past its lifetime. A lot of the time, when a wig starts looking a little dull or has shed a little too much to our liking, all it needs is a bit of TLC to give it new life. 

Taking the time to thoroughly detangle, wash (and by this we mean the lace as well) and deep condition your old wigs can make a world of difference. Samira Rufai's tutorial on revamping old human hair wigs shows just how much of a difference some care can make to the look of your old wigs.


If you have some synthetic wigs that could also do with a bit of attention to restore their lustre, Kyra Oriana's video has you covered: 


If you're not much of a DIY'er or don't have the time, companies like The Wig Bar also offer wig revamping services including lace replacements, ventilations services and even a wig maintenance subscription. 

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Switch Up The Style & Cut 

Another great way to get more life out of your wigs is by switching up the cut especially if it's a longer unit. Longer wigs can sometimes end up looking more worn that shorter styles due to the ends shedding quicker. If that's a problem you've dealt with in the past, try cutting the wig into a shorter style.

Not only does this make the wig look like a brand new unit when combined with a revamp like those mentioned above, it also gives you the chance to rock a new style.  


As much as we hate when this happens (we love wigs too much to see them come to the end of their lives), sometimes a wig is just beyond repair. But that doesn't mean it needs to end up in the bin. 

With sustainability concerns growing bigger every year around the world and in the beauty industry, efforts are being made by consumers and companies to make wigs more sustainable through recycling initiatives. Studies have also been made into how human hair waste can be repurposed to give it a more circular lifecycle. 

TerraCycle, who have already made great strides in helping to recycle a variety of materials also offer a solution for hair recycling. Their Zero Waste Hair Box allows you to recycle old human hair (including those from extensions and wigs) and is repurposed as garden compost. 

The only downside with this is that this box in particular is currently not readily available outside of the US and as such, can be expensive especially due to extra shipping charges. However, if you're based in the UK, consider splitting the cost of this with other friends or wig lovers who may have old wigs lying around. 


extend the life of your wigs

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