How to Find the Right Wig after Chemotherapy

How to Find the Right Wig after Chemotherapy

*Disclaimer: This blog discusses chemotherapy*

Finding the right wig after chemotherapy is no easy task. Finding a comfortable, breathable wig can prove tedious, and there's also the concern of actually finding the wig too. Keep reading, we’ve got you covered.

Monofilament Wigs

Often described as the most comfortable type of wig, monofilament wigs feature a breathable fabric, reducing irritation to users. This type of wig is also lightweight, allowing for a softer feel on your head. If in search of a breathable, lightweight wig, microfilament wigs are probably the way to go. This type of wig can feature both synthetic and human hair tresses - the choice is yours! Synthetic wigs tend to be more low-maintenance in the sense that they will remain in the style you bought it in, however, it's poor quality may cause issues later down the line. Check out our previous blog on how to revive your synthetic wig if you ever find yourself in a syntehtic-wig-pickle. Human hair wigs are of much greater quality and are completely heat resistant, allowing wearers to switch up styles whenever they desire. 


NHS Applications

Now that you’ve found a comfortable wig, the next step is finding a reliable place to purchase. The NHS offer free and discounted wigs for chemotherapy patients and there are no limits on the number of wigs one can receive from the NHS. In order to claim or purchase your wig, you will need to complete an HC1 form, available through contacting your local job centre, hospital staff or the following NHS help number: 0300 123 0849.

Charities and Wig Banks

As well as claiming free wigs from the NHS, chemotherapy patients can also contact charities, or wig banks that offer the similar free/discounted services. For example, Wig Bank collect second-hand wigs from wearers and sell them at a massively discounted rate of £10 to chemotherapy patients. All proceeds are then donated to cancer charities. Similarly, The Little Princess Trust offer free human-hair wigs to chemotherapy patients under the age of 25.

When taking that step toward wig-wearing, whilst undergoing chemotherapy, there are several factors to consider. From deciding the curl pattern, length and colour, to finding the right retailer/charity. We’d suggest using the steps provided above to aid your decision. To find out more about the different wig types out there, head over to our previous blog where we break them all down for you. Whichever wig you pick, just remember - you look amazing and you’re doing amazing too!

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