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How To Make A Synthetic Wig Look Real

How To Make A Synthetic Wig Look Real

The popularity of synthetic wigs is on the rise, but how can you make your affordable synthetic wig look more realistic? Keep reading for tips on how to make a synthetic wig look real. 

Customise The Hairline

Hairlines are one of the key indicators of a wig–both good and bad. In order to make your wig look as realistic as possible, consider customising the hairline. Traditionally, synthetic wigs have a bit of a bad rep for looking 'helmet'-like due to blocky hairlines. Thankfully modern, high-quality synthetic wigs now come with better, more realistic looking hairlines.

You can take this one step further by plucking the hairline further and customising it to fit your own preferred style or even modelling it after your own, natural hairline for the best effect. 

A qualified wig stylist is a great option when it comes to having your wig customised but if you're unable to access a stylist, going down the DIY route is also an option. When doing this yourself, it's key not to overthink the process and to constantly step back and look at your work. Otherwise, you run the risk of over-plucking and being left with a near-bald wig! 


Pay Attention To The Parting 

Partings are also another big indicator of whether hair is a wig or not. Synthetic wigs in particular have a tendency to come with a rigid parting that looks too perfect. What do we mean by that? A perfectly straight, thin line through the wig. Partings on real hair are rarely that flawless!

Although you might think having your parting look absolutely perfect is a good idea, it's a clear indicator of an unrealistic wig. As with most things, partings look better when they're not 100% flawless. Similarly to how you would customise the hairline, try plucking excess hair from the parting using tweezers to make it look more natural. 

Image | Unrealistic vs. Realistic Parting 

Also consider tinting the parting with concealer/foundation that is slightly lighter than the colour of your face. Our scalps tend to be paler than our complexions so by putting a little makeup on the parting, you can create the illusion that the hair is growing directly from your scalp.

Wear It Close To Your Natural Hairline

Any wig that is too low down or too far behind your natural hairline can be a telltale sign that you're wearing a wig. For the best result, try to wear your wig close to your natural hairline–we recommend a little in front of it. This ensures a  natural look without causing too much strain on your real hair from friction which can cause traction alopecia overtime. 

However, if you prefer wearing your wigs on your hairline, consider using the Wig Fix as your chosen attachment method. Not only does this silicone gripper keep your full-circumference wigs secured (both synthetic and human hair) but it also protects your natural hair from potential damage.  


Keep Up The Maintenance 

Synthetic wigs arguably require more maintenance than their human hair counterparts. However, keeping on top of the maintenance with small amounts of regular care daily or weekly can extend the lifespan of your synthetic wig and help it look its best for a more natural look.

Here are some key habits you should aim to complete to get the best out of your synthetic wig: 

  • Be gentle with it
  • Use a steamer to detangle often
  • Store it safely 
  • Wash it regularly (dip and drip technique)
  • Keep product usage to a minimum
  • Keep heat styling to a minimum even if the wig is heat resistant

Do you wear synthetic wigs? Let us know how you make your synthetic wigs look real in the comments!

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