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How to Sleep with your Wig on Without Damaging your Hair

How to Sleep with your Wig on Without Damaging your Hair

Wigs are more popular than ever, we can thank TikTok... we also know many people are looking for ways to sleep their wigs on without causing damage to their hair and ensuring their new install lasts more than a couple of days. While this may seem like a tricky task, you can try to prevent any potential damage by taking a few simple precautions.

Should you sleep with a wig on?

There are some downsides to sleeping with a wig because it can be damaging to your hair and scalp, as it prevents the natural oils from reaching the scalp and nourishing your hair. Wearing a wig for extended periods of time can also cause friction against the scalp, which will most likely lead to breakage, hair loss, and other damage. Sleeping with a wig on can press down on your baby hairs or the hair at your hairline and cause them to become weak or break off. Another concern with sleeping with your wig on is that heat builds up beneath a wig and can cause sweating and irritation of the scalp. This build-up of heat can also damage any glue or tape used to secure the wig in place which will result in your lace lifting and we do not want that! In extreme cases the heat may even lead to fungal or bacterial infections of the scalp. This is why we will always suggest using the Wig Fix, as it allows you to take of your wig each night and still have the security of a sew in. 

Sleeping with a wig on

However, we've got you! If you are going to sleep with a wig on make sure to do so with care and follow or keep in mind our tips to avoid damaging your hair and wig.

First and foremost, it is important to choose a wig that fits snugly on your head. If the wig is too loose, there is a higher chance of breakage or the wig slipping off during the night. Finding a wig with adjustable straps can help ensure it stays in place while you sleep if you already have your wig, adding a few extra bobby pins around the perimeter can help secure it even more. This will also prevent tangling or matting throughout the night as your wig will not be shifting around your scalp. 

Another important factor to consider when sleeping with lace wigs is the type of material used for your pillowcase especially for the girls who loose their headscarf through the night. It is best to opt for materials such as satin and silk like this vegan silk pillow case from Cossier as these are much gentler on hair than compared cotton or other fabrics. Additionally, using an overnight bonnet or turban can help keep oil and sweat from seeping into the perimeter of your wig and causing the glue or tape to loose it's hold.

Image| Silk Pillowcases

Lastly, if you plan to sleep with your lace wig often, make sure to give yourself a scalp massage before bedtime every night. This helps stimulate blood flow which encourages healthy hair growth and also helps reduce dryness and itching that can occur over time from wearing wigs so frequently. We recommend the scalp massager from Ceremonia.

Image|Ceremonia Scalp Massager

Looking after and washing your wig 

You should also wash your wig once every two weeks and use deep conditioning treatments regularly in order to keep the quality and and texture intact for a longer period of time to avoid needing to buy a new wig as often. We know how expensive it can get. 

When it comes to washing your wig, it is also important to follow a few simple steps in order to make sure the hair is at it's best quality. First, make sure you brush out any knots or tangles before you start washing the wig to avoid damaging the strands and pulling out hair from your wig as this can make it sparse over time. Make sure that the water temperature is warm, and use a mild shampoo specifically formulated for synthetic wigs such as the Shea Moisture wig & weave tea tree and borage seed oil residue remover shampoo. Once you’ve finished washing your wig, gently squeeze out excess moisture without wringing or twisting the wig.

Afterwards, apply a deep conditioning treatment with nourishing oils and proteins like the Avanti Silicon Mix Intensive Hair Deep Treatment designed specifically for wigs. This will help maintain its shine and texture while also preventing fading and breakage over time. Leave it on for about 10 minutes, brush through the hair and rinse off with lukewarm water before air-drying. It is important not to comb or brush wet hair without conditioner as this can lead to additional breakage or damage to the fibers of your lace wig.

Storing your wig

Finally, make sure that your wig is completely dried before storing away in either a special wig stand or box (you can use the box your wig came in) designed for this purpose. We love this wire wig stand from Jon Renau.  Make sure you store it  properly in a dry area away from direct sunlight this will help your wig last for many months with minimal wear and tear over time.

Image| Wig Wire Stand from John Renau

Hopefully we have been able to ease your wig anxiety and you're on your way to becoming a pro at sleeping with your wig on and making sure your hair is laid and your install lasts as long as possible. Let us know if these tips helped you!  You can message us on Twitter, Instagram or Tik Tok


(photo in header from Cossier)

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