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How To Swim With A Wig

How To Swim With A Wig

Image | Glowprincess via Instagram 

Maybe you frequent your local pool as part of your exercise regime or maybe you're planning your next baecation or maybe even a stint on the hit UK TV show Love Island. Whatever your reasons for worrying about wearing a wig in water, this topic can often be stressful because of all of the logistics involved. Will your wig be able to handle the water? Will your natural hair dry out? What's the best way to wear your wig when swimming? No doubt if you've thought about wearing a wig to swim, you've probably worried about those questions. Hang tight and read on for our top tips on how to swim with a wig.

Human Hair vs Synthetic 

Human hair and synthetic hair both react differently to water and in particular, what's in the water. Commercial pools are more often than not chlorinated and open bodies of water may contain salt; both of which can be damaging to both natural hair as well as hair extensions. 

Whilst synthetic hair is best left away from water altogether, human hair can handle the strain a little better. 

If your wig is constructed of 100% human hair, you've got a little more freedom when it comes to swimming with your wig on than you would with a synthetic wig as it's a little more resilient. So if you're planning on spending a lot of time in water, opt for a human hair wig.  

If synthetic wigs are more your speed, you can still swim with them, but note that you want to keep the contact between the water and your wig to the absolute bare minimum. Otherwise, prolonged exposure could lead to your wig looking less than fresh a lot sooner than you'd like.



Like the saying goes: "preparation is key" and this rings even truer when it comes to swimming with a wig on! Making sure you and your wig are 100% ready to enjoy a little holiday swim before you get into the water will save you a lot of headaches later on and most importantly help to keep your hair (both the one you grew and the one you bought) in as good a condition as possible. 

  1. Make sure you detangle. Tangled hair is more susceptible to further tangling and matting, especially in chlorinated and salted water. 
  2. Secure your wig. One thing you don't want to happen while swimming with a wig on is losing your wig whilst swimming! To avoid this, we recommend using The Wig Fix by The Renatural. A silicone hair band, it's worn underneath your wig to keep it in place all day without any stress. And unlike glues, the unique silicone material isn't at risk of slipping off when in contact with mater. 
  3. Style it right. Whilst swim caps do exist to protect your hair when swimming, they aren't always flattering. So unless you plan on fully submerging yourself in water, you can help protect your hair without a cap by wearing it tied back. We love this style by 
 how to swim with a wig

Image | The Wig Fix by The Renatural



We cannot stress this enough: condition your wig as soon as you can post-swim! Even if you tried to be extra careful, it's almost inevitable that your wig had some contact with the water which because of chlorine and salt can seriously dry out your hair. Use a rich, ultra-nourishing conditioner like Olaplex's No 3 Hair Perfector or Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque to help bring some hydration and life back to your wig after a swim. This will help counteract any dryness caused by the exposure and keep your wig looking healthy. 

Image | Olaplex No 3 Hair Perfector via Boots


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