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Glueless Frontals: How To Wear A Frontal Wig Without Glue

Glueless Frontals: How To Wear A Frontal Wig Without Glue

When it comes to frontal wigs, while the finished result might be stunning, the upkeep is anything but and one of our favourite IG beauty queens Uche said it best: It's "not everyday bold hold and edges" which is why glueless frontals are a great way to go.

Uche Natori via Twitter 

So if you're like us and love to enjoy the beauty of frontal wigs but want to cut down on the application time, we've got jus the frontal routine for you featuring our favourite wig accessory, The Wig Fix by The Renatural.

But before we run you through the easier way to lay your frontal, let's cover a couple of bases first starting with why frontals require so much upkeep: 

What's The Difference Between A Closure And A Frontal? 

While the primary purpose of closures and frontals is to complete a wig or weave install and eliminate the need to blend natural hair with the extensions (making them a great protective style!) they do have some differences. The main difference between them being that while closures are smaller in size and often come with a fixed parting designed to lay on a specific part of the hairline, frontals cover the entire hairline from ear to ear and mimic the look of real hair growing from the scalp.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Frontal? 

Frontals are more versatile when it comes to styling because they mimic a real hairline and therefore make up-do styles look more seamless than closures. However, it also means that they're a little more difficult to take care of as they need to be maintained more often. While it's easier to throw on a closure wig day-to-day, the fact that frontals have to be secured with more care to keep them looking their best means that in most cases, upkeep is a daily task: The glue has to be reapplied when it begins lifting and as just applying more glue when needed can leave you with a crusty looking wig (not what you want!) most people end up needing to clean their frontal before applying glue again.

So How Do I Make My Frontal Easier To Apply? 

The key to making frontal application a little easier is to add a helping hand to your routine. Enter, The Wig Fix for glueless frontals. The Wig Fix is a patent-pending silicone 'gripper' intended to be worn underneath your wigs to keep them in place all day long (it's even rollercoaster tested!) By wearing it underneath your wig, it massively cuts down on the amount of glue (and therefore time) needed to secure your frontal. It also helps protect your edges from undue stress that can be caused by wig-wearing making it even more perfect for use with frontals! So here's what you do.

glueless frontals

Step 1: Trim The Ear Tabs Of Your Frontal 

Personalising your frontal in this way will allow for the most natural-looking result. 

Image | Keddykure 

Step 2: Add An elastic band ear to ear

This step will allow for extra Image | Keddykure security and a snug yet comfortable fit when wearing your wig.
Image | Chide Lovesyou

Step 3: Use The Wig Fix And Some Mousse

After applying the wig fix and your wig, use some mousse to secure the ear tabs and add finishing touches like baby hair, if you're feeling it. Mousse is a much gentler alternative to the standard glues that can often lead to hair breakage. It's also easier to wash out meaning that when it's time to clean your wig, the process will be much easier. The result? A flawlessly laid wig in less time and with less damage caused to your hair 💁🏾‍♀️ 

Check out the links below for three of our favourite hair mousses!

Will you be trying these tips out? Connect with us on our social media pages and let us know! 

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