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Iconic Wigs From The 2000s

Iconic Wigs From The 2000s

The noughties were an incredible time for pop culture. The clothes, the music and the events are still relevant today. But what about the hair? Specifically the wigs? Here are our favourite iconic wigs from the 2000s. 

Kelly Rowland

Kelly's black and red hair was almost as iconic as Destiny's Child itself. Whether it was in a smooth bob, a sleek pixie or flicked out in true 2000s style, the wigs she wore in the early noughties are ones we're going to remember for time to come.   

Hannah Montana

At a time when wigs were arguably not openly showcased on mainstream channels and particularly not towards younger audiences, Miley Cyrus' alter-ego for the hit Disney Channel show helped introduce wigs to new audiences.

Not only was the blonde wig an integral aspect to her on-screen character, it showcased the fun and transformative powers of wigs and we love her for it. 

Shemar Moore 

Although we love wigs, not every wig is a good wig. But (and this is a heavy but), in some cases even a bad wig can surprisingly make a good wig. Case in point: Shemar Moore's lace-front cornrow wig. Seen in Tyler Perry's 2005 film Diary of a Mad Black Woman, the wig is a wonder to behold (and we don't necessarily mean this in the best way). 

Shemar Moore Wig

Image | Lionsgate

We're not sure who approved this look but regardless of how questionable it was, Moore still managed to somehow pull the look off and for that reason alone, we think it's one of the most iconic wigs from the 2000s. 

Samuel L Jackson

If the Shemar Moore example above wasn't enough to show us that the 2000s were a wild time for on-screen wigs, Samuel L Jackson's wig in Formula 51 might cement the deal. 

Similar to Moore's wig, Jackson also donned a cornrow wig in the 2001 film Formula 51. And similar to Moore, this lace front wig leaves a lot to be desired. Fortunately, just like Moore's, it's so bad, it's almost good. This is why we couldn't leave it off our list of iconic 2000s wigs. 

Samuel L Jackson Formula 51

Image | Crustula 

Britney Spears 

When the talented pop princess shaved her head bald in the midst of an incredibly trying time in her life, only to then be spotted with a hot pink wig shortly afterwards, media outlets at the time speculated why Spears chose the look–something which at the time, was considered unconventional for the singer. 

Now that we know how much pressure Spears was under in her professional and personal life, the bold look may have been her own way of trying something new and embracing a different side of herself–one that made her happier than the life constructed for her.

Either way, we love Spears' fearlessness and decision to step outside her comfort zone with the neon pink wig. 

Image | Yahoo

Lil' Kim 

Where do we even begin with the iconic Lil' Kim? Throughout the 90s and 00s, the talented rapper didn't just serve us with incredible music, she also delivered it to us served with heaps of style on the side.

Although released just before the new millennium, the music video for her 1997 hit Crush On You alone featured an array of brightly coloured wigs and signified the start of the iconic wig wardrobe we now know her for.

And after this, whether it was her wigs bold styles or her selection of rainbow hued wigs, Lil' Kim made sure she always delivered with her wigs. But one of our absolute favourite 2000s wig from her, was the blonde, full-fringe wig she wore for a Versace fashion show. Not only was the blonde a nod to the fashion House's very own Donatella Versace, but the stamping of the brand's logo on the wig itself was a game-changer. 

 Lil Kim Versace Wig

Do you have a favourite wig from the 2000s? Leave your picks for the most iconic wigs from the 2000s in the comments!

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