Working Through Coronavirus Worries

Working Through Coronavirus Worries
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We get it, everywhere you turn it seems there's more mention of that 'C' word we're all currently dreading. Its impacts have been huge and like most people, us over here at The Renatural HQ are beyond ready for a more positive turn of events and a time we can finally leave our homes again. In the meantime, we've rounded up some resources and things for you to do use as you work through to help combat Coronavirus worries. Stay safe, stay positive, we will get through this ✨⠀ 

For Those Looking For Extra Income Or Dealing With Redundancy

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One of the biggest Covid-19 worries for many people is related to finances. Collectively, the entire world is living a state of flux and uncertainty and unfortunately, this pandemic has left a lot of people being made redundant and/or losing out on vital income due to lost jobs. Fortunately, there are a host of resources available to help you get back on your feet:

Escape The Cty's Career Guide:

Escape The City is a great website for job hunters looking for something a little different than your average inner-city job and this amazing article on facing redundancy during Covid-10 offers straight-to-the-point advice on the next steps to take. From explaining the difference between being laid off and being made redundant, it's a great starting point for anyone unsure where to begin in the process of finding their next job. 

Refinery29 Answers Your Money Questions

This article includes answers by Laura Whateley as she covers some pressing money-related questions for those who are self-employed and struggling in the wake of Covid-19. Laura is not only a money expert but also the author of Money: A User's Guide, so her insight into the topic is indispensable. And we highly recommend you to read the article. The woman knows what she's talking about. 

For Those Looking To Learn A New Skill

There's no time like the present. Especially when you find yourself with more time on your hands and unable to leave the house like would usually as you follow government guidelines and practice social distancing. If you're itching to do something with all that extra time you have but aren't sure on what, try out some online courses.

Free Online Course

Wanna learn to code? Maybe a new language? Or practice some yoga flow? This great article by Setapp links you to a variety of online courses ready for you to pick and choose from. They're all free so not only can you pick up a new skill, you'll also save some money while doing it.

Free & Paid Online Courses

Offering a combination of free and paid offerings,  job-search site The Muse showcases 14 different platforms you can use to pick up a new skill. This generous list has something for everyone so it's definitely worth a look.

For Those Looking To Relax

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Whilst being extra productive during this time spent in lockdown and you should be proud of yourself for picking up a new skill, it's really not by force. If you want a day or two to just relax and get away from it all in the comfort of your bed, your room or some other part of your home, you shouldn't be made to feel guilty about it. Relaxing is just as important as the grind so don't hesitate to indulge in some 'me' time that can help alleviate Covid-19 worries. 

Listen To Some Music

Escape the pandemic noise for a little bit and put on some music. Make yourself a playlist of your favourite songs and enjoy them in their full glory. If you're lacking some inspiration, Spotify has a great selection of mood-boosting playlists ready to go. We especially love the Mood Booster playlist.

Join Your Favourite IG DJ's At Their Live Parties

Just because you can't leave your house doesn't mean you can't have a virtual turn up with your friends and your favourite DJ's. DJ EZ recently held a 24-hour live stream, and this article by Esquire provides a list of running live streams, so make sure you keep up to date with your favourite artists as more and more of them offer live, virtual gigs.

For Those Missing Social Interactions

Just because you're currently social distancing doesn't mean you have to emotionally disconnect. We're lucky to live in a world full of technology that emotionally lessens the distance between friends even when we can't do so physically. 

Throw a virtual movie night with Teleparty (formerly known as Netflix Party). Just load up the Google Chrome extension and watch your favourite Netflix titles in real-time while also chatting with one another at the same time. The popcorn is optional but the fun is guaranteed.
A boujee FaceTime, Houseparty lets you video chat with up to 8 people at the same time and even play games with one another. Trust us when we say that those games of Heads Up and Quick Draw! can get very competitive. 

Try A New Social App

If you're finding yourself a little bored with the same old social media apps, try out a new one. Reddit and TikTok, in particular, are guaranteed to occupy you for a good chunk of time. Before you know it, you'll be researching conspiracy theories and frantically learning the latest viral dance

Will you be trying any of the suggestions above to help alleviate your Coronavirus worries? Let us know if you do either in the comments or by sending us a message on our social media pages. And if you're still a little bored, why not read some of our other blog posts? 

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