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Reasons Why Your Wig Is Itchy

Reasons Why Your Wig Is Itchy

If you've been scratching your head wondering why your wig is itchy, sit back, relax and keep reading as we take you through some of the tips reasons why your wig is itchy alongside how to resolve them. 

It Needs A Wash

Yes, sometimes the problem is that simple. Think about how much your wig is exposed to when worn on a day-to-day basis. You wouldn't dream about not washing your body every day so why allow your wig to go unwashed for weeks at a time?

How often you wash your wig depends on how often you wear it, what products (if any) you put in it and whether it's human or synthetic hair.

If your wig is made from human hair and worn regularly–at least a few times a week–you should aim to wash it no more than every week but no less than every two weeks. Every ten days is a happy medium.


For synthetic hair, you should look at washing it every two weeks if worn regularly.

Unsure how to wash your wigs? Our blog post on how to wash your wig has you covered.

Don't forget to also keep your own hair regularly washed, detangled and moisturised. Wigs might be a protective style but they won't be able to do much protecting if you're not also simultaneously taking care of your natural hair underneath. 

Product Overload 

While there's nothing wrong with using a few products to keep your wig in shape, too much can cause buildup which in turn can cause dryness and irritation which leave you with an itchy scalp.

Take stock of which products you're currently using in your hair and wig routines: Do they actually do anything for your hair? Can you go without them? If the answer to those questions is no and yes respectively, get rid of the product. Chances are, your routine doesn't need it as it's not actually benefiting your hair or your wig in any way. 

If you're a product lover and can't get rid of your favourites, try using them less often and/or using less of them. Starting off this way can also help you on the road to stopping use of them completely.

It's The Wrong Size

There are many things wigs should be but ill fitting is never one of them.

Not only can a wrongly sized wig make your hair look especially fake, but the constant friction can lead to an itchy wig. When purchasing a new wig, ensure you're getting the correct size by double checking your head measurements against that of the wig itself. Wigs should always feel comfortably snug on your head. 

If you already have a wig and you've now realised it doesn't fit quite right, have look at these videos for some tips on how you can fix your wig sizing issues: 

Try A Different Cap

Sometimes trapped heat can cause itching when wearings wigs. To remedy this, try wearing an aerated wig cap to allow more hair flow to the scalp. 

Use A Different Attachment Method 

Traditional attachment methods like glue, gel, combs, and clips when used excessively, can cause irritation to the hair and scalp which can lead to itchy hair and in extreme cases, even hair loss. 

If you're a regular wig-wearer and looking for an easy, reusable and non-irritating way to attach your wigs, the Wig Fix  by The Renatural is key.

This wig gripper is made from silicone to keep your wig secured without damaging your hair and scalp. It's also heat dissipating meaning it doesn't create extra heat that could lead to itching. Easy to clean and reusable for years, it's a must-have in your beauty routine. 


Will you be trying any of these tips? Let us know in the comments. 

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