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Swiping Right on Your Perfect Hair Stylist - How to Find a Good Match

Swiping Right on Your Perfect Hair Stylist - How to Find a Good Match

You've got your brand new 24-inch silky straight wig, The Wig Fix, and a clean head of hair, ready to rock your new tresses - the best feeling! Now it’s time to install it. But with so many scary stories online about hairstylists, who do you know to trust? Who will do your £300 24” Brazilian wig justice? Here are some steps you can take to find a good stylist today…

Step 1: Homework Time

Figure out what style you’re looking for, and use all the available social media channels - the world is your oyster! Looking to get some layers? Great colour? Short pixie cut? Make sure your research is specific to the hairstyle you are looking for - a lot of the time, hairstylists will have one style they’re super good at, so the more specific the better.

The proof of good styling is in their and their client's pictures, so always check their social handles and hashtags for reviews - everyone shares their hair experiences online these days... especially on TikTok!

Check out our previous blog to see some of our favourite wig channels on TikTok for hair inspo.


Long black curly wig


Step 2: Friends and Family Research

Ask friends and family. There's nothing quite as reliable as seeing a wig up-close and in living colour on a friend's head. Your people can point you in the right direction and offer you solid recommendations of stylists that they've had good experiences with in the past.

You could also run your favourite pictures and handles by them - they might have the low down on your stylist of choice, for better or worse!

hairstylist working on a wig


Step 3: Reach Out to Your Shortlist

Reach out to your shortlisted stylists. Email them and ask all the questions you need to. That first interaction can speak volumes and give you more insight into whether you should trust them with your hair. If you need even more reassurance, ask to speak on the phone!

You are trusting them with a huge task at a pricey fee - you should be able to speak with them on the phone to ask questions.

Another tip is to use them for a minor service first (e.g a hair cut or lace customisation) - you’ll be able see their results, time management and professionalism before committing to anything more significant like an install!

email service Gmail
Image | Gmail


Step 4: Selection Time

Vibes matter. Pick a stylist you genuinely get a good feeling from. Pick the stylist that fits your budget, schedule, and artistic flair. Stylists should always make you feel comfortable - if they don't, we'd suggest putting them on your blacklist!

Add-on services such as providing water, snacks, bathrooms and other amenities are good signs that their customer service is top-notch too.

A-List Lace Salon


Client-to-stylist is one of the closest service relationships you'll ever have. If you don't have a trusted hairdresser with a proven track record (pardon the pun!), then take your time to find one that does. Explore, do your homework, ask for references, make a shortlist, choose your fave, and then get all giddy for that appointment! If you have any tips, let us know in the comments below!

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