The Best Wigs For Medical And Cancer Patients

Hair loss due to medical treatment or a symptom of illness, particularly cancer is extremely common. As hair often plays an integral role in people's lives and can even directly affect their self-esteem, losing hair whether this is patches of it or full hair loss can be devastating. Thankfully, a range of wigs exist for medical and cancer patients who wish you to embrace the look of full hair. Keep reading to find out more. 

Full Wigs 

From colour, to length and to the style, full wigs are more popular and easier to find than ever. If you want to use your wig to try out a new look, brands like Temper Hair offer great quality in on-trend wigs perfect for expressing your personality or experimenting with your style through your wig. 

If you'd prefer to keep things natural and just want to emulate your natural look before hair loss, brands like Hope & Healing Boutique offer classic, understated yet elegant styles. Inspired by the founder's own experience with hair loss following a cancer diagnosis, Hope & Healing Boutique aim to inspire confidence in their customers through their range of human hair and synthetic wigs. 

For Black women with kinky/curly textures who also wish to opt for a more natural look, RadSwan by Freddie Harrel is all about celebrating natural hair textures through their wigs. Made from premium synthetic fibre, RadSwan's range of wigs with their soft textures are a perfect option when looking for wigs for medical and cancer patients. They also come with pre-plucked lace and a 1-inch deep hairline meaning they require minimal customisation but maximum serve.

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Halo Wigs

Sometimes full wigs may seem like too much of a chore. They can also get quite warm and/or heavy and whilst there are ways to prevent and minimise this, sometimes a lightweight option is exactly what you need. Enter halo wigs. These are great for medical and cancer patients who want a quick, throw-on option to disguise any hor loss. 

These cleverly designed wigs only include hair on the lower half of the wig in a way that resembles a halo–hence the name–while the top half is made up of a scarf or even hat. The hair is constructed onto the scarf or hat so that when worn, they give the appearance of full hair underneath the accessory. 

They're easy to apply and due to the lack of visible lace, are a great option for those days when you can't be bothered to make your wig look realistic or if you prefer a low-maintenance style that still looks cute. 

wigs for medical and cancer patients

Image | Hair Halos by Headcovers

The Wig Fix

Every full wig needs a great attachment method. While traditional options like combs, grips, glue and tapes are most commonly used, these aren't suitable for everyone, especially medical and cancer patients. These attachment methods can cause further hair loss over time by pulling out natural hair due to the tension and breakage they can cause. Additionally, combs, clips and grips require the wearer to have bio hair which not everybody does.

Thankfully, the Wig Fix by The Renatural addresses all of these issues. Made from hypoallergenic silicone, they're not only comfortable against hair and skin, they keep full wigs secured without the need for the potentially damaging aforementioned attachment methods. 


Not all people who experience hair loss due to health and medical reasons experience full loss. Losing patches of hair either in one specific spot or in small yet visible amounts all over the head is also common. Because of this, not all people want to 

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