The TikTok Accounts Every Wig Lover Should Follow

The TikTok Accounts Every Wig Lover Should Follow

Love wigs? Love TikTok? These are some of the creators and Influencers you need to be following for all the best TikTok wig content. 


Although relatively new to the TikTok game, Styledbychi is already making waves thanks to the incredible wigs showcased in each video. We can't wait to see more videos!



One world to describe Esther Rix's TikTok account? Magical. From showing us how she hand-ventilates her wigs to taking us along the journey as she bedazzles her gravity-defying wig creations, this Aussie Drag Queen will have you hooked on her amazing talent. 




If you love seeing a verity of glueless wig installs, The Renatural's TikTok account will be your new go-to. As the creators of the Wig Fix (a silicone hair gripper that keeps wigs secured and edges protected), The Renatural is all about sharing fun, informative and enjoyable wig content with wig lovers. 


Why have 1 Valentine when you can have 3? ##TheWigFix ##Wigs

♬ Hair - Little Mix




Not only is Shavonté Dill a certified makeup Queen, she always has the best wigs to match her incredible look. Follow her, your TikTok feed will thank you for it. 



High quality wigs mixed with comedy skits, viral trends and relatable content makes Alonzo's TikTok account a must-follow. 



If you're the type of person who is always in search of their next wig look, May's TikTok account will leave you spoilt for inspo!

Which TikTok accounts would you recommend to wig lovers? Share your Top 2 in the comments!

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