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Our Top Wigs in K-Pop

Our Top Wigs in K-Pop

It’s no secret that K-pop is a huge and extremely popular music genre. In 2019 alone, K-pop bands generated more than $756 million through album sales and concerts. With BTS’ hit, Butter, and its successful remix with Megan Thee Stallion, all the way to the dedicated K-Pop-TikTok we all love, it’s safe to say the genre’s popularity is aggressively growing. And well, for their hair? Nothing below show-stopping, colourful and unique! Hair is a big part of their image, and we’ve set our hearts on a few that have defined some of the industry’s greatest looks!

Blonde Bombshell

Although blonde might not be that ground-breaking to a Western audience, it certainly creates a big impact in Korea! After all, lifting natural thick black hair to a platinum blonde is a great way to make heads turn, and Blackpink’s Jennie was the newest K-Pop star to give it a go! She rocked a long wavy unit, while Twice’s Nayeon successfully pulled off a beautiful blonde bob. We’ll never say no to a blonde look and the way these girls rocked them? This is undoubtedly one of our faves.BLACKPINK’s Jennie wears amazing long blonde wig


The Black Undercover Wig

A big part of K-pop culture is dying hair in the run-up to a new album drop. BTS are a perfect example of this – we’ve seen blue, orange, auburn and several other colours in an attempt to build anticipation.

We’ve also seen the K-Pop stars rock wigs to cover up their new hairstyles underneath before they’re ready to show the world... we love a multi-purpose product! For example, we saw Suga hide his blonde hair back in 2015 with an inconic black wig... and as per usual, we are so here for BOTH looks!

bts suga covers blonde hair with black wig


Long + Colourful = Main Character Energy

When Sana from Twice said ‘long hair, don’t care’, we were glued to our phones. Sana and her hair team understood the proven fact that you can NEVER go wrong with long, colourful tresses! What's more? Sana ensured her hair was a candy-floss pink… for the release of the band’s Candy Pop single - how ironic!



In Wig Toppers We Trust

Did someone say wig toppers?!

Back in 2017, BTS’s Jungkook was spotted with what was believed to be a good-old clip-in fringe - we stan! However, as toppers do, it was rumoured to slightly slip and reveal his natural tresses underneath. If you’re reading this Jungkook, we’ll send you our Forbes-recognised, rollercoaster-proof product, The Wig Fix - we promise you won’t have to endure slipping-and-sliding toppers again.

We’ll never get tired of the amazing wig looks our fave K-pop stars pull together. Whether it’s a simple black cover-up or a candy-coloured 26” wig, their creativity never fails to keep us on our feet, wanting more and wondering what’s next. What are your favourite K-pop wigs? Let us know in the commnts below!

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