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Top 5 Best Bridgerton Wigs

Top 5 Best Bridgerton Wigs

Netflix's Bridgerton, based on a series of novels by Julia Quinn has had social media buzzing thanks to its binge-ability. Produced by Shonda Rhimes, we knew we'd be in for an addictive ride but amongst the addictive nature of the series, the romance, and the fun, classical spin on modern music, one aspect stood out to us in particular. The Wigs. Join us as we have a look at the best Bridgerton wigs.

Before we get into it, let's first discuss the person behind all of the amazing hairstyles, wigs, and makeup within the series. Marc Pilcher, the brain behind the hair and makeup we see on the show already has an impressive catalogue of on-screen looks under his belt including Emily Blunt's looks in The Young Victoria and Jenna Thiam in The Collection. With Bridgerton, we think Pilcher has thoroughly outdone himself with the selection of carefully thought-out and crafted wigs and hairstyles shown off in the series. Now let's get into our top 5:


Lady Featherington's Curls 

Gif | Giphy 

Portrayed by Polly Walker, Portia who is the ambitious matriarch of the Featherington family, might have had a gaudy style, but it worked perfectly for her character. Like the other Featherington ladies, Portia's bright red hair was always perfectly coiffed and styled. Carefully laid curls were the standard style for Lady Featherington and each of her hairpieces was either custom made, vintage or from Pilcher's own collection. 

Image | Metro

Lady Danbury's Low Key Elegance

Compared to a lot of the other women on the show, Lady Danbury's look was generally more constrained and pared back. However, that doesn't mean it was any less awe-inspiring. The no-nonsense doyenne played Adjoah Andoh generally sported a straight hair texture or unlike some of the other Black women characters in the show.

While she liked to accessorise her look whether with a hat, tiara or delicate adornments, she always wore her hair away from her face. This allowed the focus to stay on her strong expressions and insightful gaze. Of all her looks, we think none is more perfectly befitting of her sleek, pulled back updo with curled ends and topped up with her White Gold Diamond Tiara. We just can't take our eyes off of her. 

Image via Teen Vogue


Cressida Cowper's Crown

Another of the show's debutante's Cressida (portrayed by Jessica Madsen) is leading lady Daphne's main rival in the show. As crafty as her on-screen mother and from an obscenely wealthy family, Cressida's hair often reflected her character's ambitious nature and wealth with over-the-top styles adorned with generous amounts of accessories like flowers, bows and ribbons. Our favourite look by far has got be the look she wore for the ball. Designed to look like a crown, her hair was plaited into intricate braids and carefully positioned and accessorised for an incredible end result that portrayed her desire to marry Prince Friedrich. She might have been conniving but we respect a lady who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to show it. 

Image via Refinery29


Queen Charlotte's Afro And Bows

Now you know we had to save the best for last. Queen Charlotte, portrayed by the incredible Golda Rosheuvel is the resident tastemaker in Bridgerton's London with every debutante desperately seeking her stamp of approval. When it comes to her look, Queen Charlotte's is one of the most complicated in the series. According to Pilcher, "It was an around-the-clock effort to get Queen Charlotte finished in time for the ball," and we're not surprised.

Queen Charlotte's styles stayed true to the silhouettes of the era whilst celebrating natural Afro hair texture and styles including locs and braids all whilst beautifully visualising how a Black Queen of the time would wear her hair. We're still in awe of all of her looks but her platinum blonde unit assembled of a mixture of bows and locs and adorned with miniature birds and birdcages might be our absolute favourite.

best bridgerton wigs
Image via TV Line

But of course, with her extensive wig wardrobe, we couldn't just choose one of her looks to celebrate.

Another favourite of ours from her incredible wig collection is her Afro. Believe us when we say our jaws dropped when we saw that particular style. Halo-like and gravity-defying, Queen Charlotte's Afro was a picked out dream and adorned with a bejewelled Afro pick, it remained elegant whilst being unapologetically Black. 

Image via TV Line

If you don't watch the show for anything else, watch it for Queen Charlotte and her impeccable wigs.

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Have you watched Bridgerton? Which wigs and hairstyles were your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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