Best Real Housewives Wigs: The Top 5 Real Housewives With The Best Wigs

Best Real Housewives Wigs: The Top 5 Real Housewives With The Best Wigs
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Beyond the drama, lavish lifestyles and unusual pets (Lisa Vanderpump we're looking at you) The Real Housewives franchises are known for, one aspect of the show stands out to us in particular: the wigs. Here's our roundup of the top 5 best Real Housewives wigs. 

Nene Leakes

With entertaining storylines, admirable confidence and memorable catchphrases, Linnethia Monique "Nene" Leakes is as much of a staple to the Real Housewives legacy as Andy Cohen is. While Nene has graced us with a variety of looks since her RHOA debut in 2008, nothing is more iconic than her blonde look. Whether it's in her staple pixie cut or through inches upon inches of long locks, Nene knows how to keep all eyes on her with the perfect wig.

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Lisa Rinna 

It was the callout heard around the Housewives world when the former resident mean girl of 90210, Brandy Glanville claimed that Lisa Rinna's antics were caused by her "wig glue....going to her brain". Talk about harsh. Before that line, not many people questioned whether the staple shag 'do Rinna had been wearing for close to two decades was real or not. In true Rinna style, Lisa didn't let the jab faze her. In fact, she has since fully embraced the wig life and regularly changes up her look with some amazing units like this softly tousled ombre masterpiece. As always, she knows how to own it.

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Porsha Williams 

If there's one Housewife who always delivers style and range with her wigs, it's Atlanta sweetheart Porsha Williams. Since her Housewives debut in 2012, Porsha's wig game has evolved with every season, and ever since she started wearing full wigs in season 4 of the show, she's truly cemented her place in the Housewives hall of fame for her incredible units. For Porsha, wigs are more than accessories. Nicknaming them her 'babies', she treasures them so much, she even has a dedicated room for them (we'd do the same if we could). Ms Williams has even turned her passion for wigs into a thriving business with the launch of her own hair brand, Go Naked Hair which she runs alongside her sister Lauren. With Porsha being a trusted expert on what to look for in a wig, we'll take one of everything, please! 

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Teresa Giudice

Usually known for long, dark locks so quintessential of a Jersey housewife, RHONJ star Teresa Guidice isn't scared to switch things up with a wig whenever the mood strikes. From a glossy, black, short cut topped with a fringe to cotton candy pink, Teresa knows there's plenty of fun to be had with a versatile wig wardrobe and we love her for it.  

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Erika Girardi

We couldn't talk about wigs on RH without mentioning Erika Giaradi aka Erika Jayne. Although she prides herself on her alter ego Erika Jayne being just that, Erika doesn't shy away from bringing parts of her dance diva personality into her everyday life. Namely, through her wigs and hairstyling for special occasions. With help from her infamous glam squad, Erika gives us our regular fix of fun wig styling with a 'pretty mess' twist. 

best real housewives wigs

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   Honourable Mention 

We couldn't wrap up this post without mentioning Kim Zolciak-Biermann and her blonde wigs. Specifically, the time her and fellow Atlanta Housewife Sheree Whitfield got into a heated argument that ended up with Sheree shifting Kim's wig! Maybe if she'd been wearing a Wig Fix, the wig would've stayed firmly in place. Despite the small bust-up, Kim continued to share her love for wigs with the fellow Housewives and their audiences and for that, we can't fault her. 

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Which Real Housewife do you think has the best wigs? Let us know in the comments and follow us on our social media pages for more wig related content. 

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