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Wig fitting Hacks for those with Smaller Head Sizes

Wig fitting Hacks for those with Smaller Head Sizes

We understand that it can be difficult to find the perfect-fitted wig for people of all head sizes and we aim to help you all! However, today we’re focusing on those with smaller-head sizes, who experience the struggle just as much as the next head size! Here are four hacks you can consider for the perfect wig fit, without the need of coughing up pro-hairstylist-fitting cash.



1. Buying Size-Specific Wigs

We should all be taking advantage of size-specific wigs! These wigs are constructed specifically for the head sizes it states. First, you’ll need to measure the circumference of your head so you can easily purchase a wig suitable for your head shape. For smaller head shapes, in particular, there are several ‘petite wigs’, marketed for those with a head circumference of anywhere between 19” - 21”. Online retailers such as Simply Wigs and Mimo Wigs have dedicated sections on their sites for petite wigs, with circumferences ranging from 20” - 21”. Have a go and see if this helps!


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2. Headbands to the Rescue

Headbands and headscarves have been saving our lives from the beginning of time. Running to the shop, going to the gym or just chilling it out home, headbands eliminate the requirement to ‘lay’ your hair or do it up nicely… and they still act as our saving grace when our wigs are too big! You can buy headband-ready wigs like in the image below and fit it to your natural hairline for a snug fit. Or, with a wig that you already have, you can simply tie a cute headband or headscarf onto the hairline of your wig to a degree of tightness that suits you best.

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 Image | Headband Big from Donmily


3. Always Say 'Yes' to Extra Security 

Extra-security is always a good idea, especially if your wig is struggling to fit your head size. One of the most loved hair grippers in the wig space, The Wig Fix, uses gentle compression against the scalp to keep wigs snug and secure. Try this Vogue-recognised gripper to secure your wig comfortably if you have a smaller-sized head.


  Image | The Wig Fix


4. Secret Weapon: Wig Caps 

Our last and final tip would be to utilise the free wig caps that usually come with your wig orders! The wig cap will offer extra security, acting as additional ‘padding’ without making your wig look bulky. If one isn’t enough, why not try two at one time? Disclaimer: you may get very hot under your wig, but if you’re used to wearing wig caps under your wigs, then you should be fine! Just aim to do this technique with single-wefted wigs for increased airflow to your scalp.


peitite wigs, wigs, mimo wigs, small head, small head wigs, smaller-head, wig size, head circumferenceImage | Black Wig Cap


So, if you have a smaller-sized head, please don’t let that put you off from purchasing wigs. The wig community is inclusive, with wigs for people of all different personalities, genders and head sizes! We hope the above tips will help you in your pursuit of finding the perfect wig for you, and gives you the confidence to go back out there and claim your desired wig - we’re rooting for you!

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Finally, I just happen to come across this site while looking for petite wigs
thank you for the tips, I have safety pin my wigs to make it tighter on my head 😄 and eventually glue. My wigs would slide off my head even with a stocking cap nothing works but the pins, even with the extra band in the wigs so I will try your tips and check out the web sites for petite wigs.

Virginia Wilson

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