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Wigs 101: Best Wigs For Beginners

Wigs 101: Best Wigs For Beginners

Being a wig newbie can be daunting. Where do you find your wigs? How do you install them? If you're new to wigs and have been wondering about those two questions, keep reading as we take you through the best wigs for beginners. 

Closures Vs Frontals

Without a doubt, the most beginner-friendly type of wig would be a full circumference closure wig. For those of you who may not know, closure wigs are full-circumference (meaning they cover your entire head) wigs with a piece–a closure–at the front to mimic the look of a parting.

The actual size of the closure can vary but they usually come in 4x4". Closure wigs are popular as they're easy to use, easy to take care of and make for a great option for a daily wig as they can be easily applied and removed. 

On the other hand, frontal wigs, which are also immensely popular at the moment since they can give a more realistic appeal than closure wigs, are much more high-maintenance. While the increased lace seize allows for greater flexibility when it comes to styling and parting, they often require careful customisation such as plucking of the lace and tinting of the lace to give the best final look.

Because of this, frontal wigs are better suited for occasional wear and we would not recommend these as a day-to-day wig for brand new wig lovers. 

 Lace or no lace? 

You might have heard of lace wigs and much like the name suggests, these are wigs constructed in on way or another using lace–and no, it's not quite the same lace as the ones you might find on your grandmother's curtains. Full lace wigs are wigs where the base for the wig is made entirely of lace. The hair is then constructed onto this lace and depending on the materials used and whether this is done by hand or machine, determines the price. With the lace industry also experiencing a shortage, lace prices are also rising.                                                                

Hand-made full lace wigs can run into the thousands when it comes to price due to the craftsmanship it takes to create them. Full lace wigs are also therefore much more delicate and not the best option for beginners. 

Instead, consider going for a wig constructed onto a cap base with a lace closure instead. You'll still get a great-looking wig but with the lace confined to only the closure, you'll be saving money while still getting a reasonably natural looking wig. 


How Do I Attach It? 

Another big worry for new wig wearers is how to attach it. Combs, clips, tape and glue are popular choices for attaching wigs and while these methods can be fine for the occasional wig wearer, if you're looking to wear wigs regularly, they can cause significant damage to your hair and skin. Glue in particular, can lead to hair loss and even skin reactions when worn excessively over prolonged periods. 

Is a wig worth the risk of hair loss? No. Instead of these outdated and potentially hazardous attachment methods, try the Wig Fix instead. Made from medical-grade silicone, the Wig Fix was created by The Renatural as an easy, beginner-friendly and sustainable way to attach your wig.

It also helps promote hair growth by inducing blood flow. Coupling the Wig Fix with your wig as a protective style and a good hair care routine can lead to healthier hair. 


So Where Can I Get Beginner Friendly Wigs? 

Now to the best part, here are some of the best places to find beginner-friendly wigs: 


Embracing your natural coils is great but sometimes, you might feel like showing off your texture whilst protecting your natural hair. Or maybe you just want a change that's still reflective of you. Radswan's wigs are about letting you just that and more. They also come with pre-plucked lace so they're ready to go from the jump. 


Insert Name Here

INH is everything wig-wearing should be–fun, comfortable and an expression of your individuality. Their collection of wigs come in a variety of colours and styles and are great for beginners. 



Outre's synthetic wigs have been taking wig-Tok by storm for their affordability and amazing product selection. Don't forget to read our post on how to clean your wigs to get the best out of yours.


Are you a wig newbie or seasoned wig-wearer? Share what made you interested in wigs in the comments!

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