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Wigs 101: How To Attach Your Wig

Wigs 101: How To Attach Your Wig

To ring in the new year, we thought we'd take it back to basics when it comes to wig use, care and maintenance through a new blog series: Wigs 101. Throughout this short series, we'll take you through some of the most basic but also the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to wigs, starting with how to attach your wig. Keep reading for our top tips. 

Make Sure Your Wig Fits

Before getting to attaching your wig, one key part of making sure your wig looks as good as possible is ensuring it fits you as comfortably as possible. A wig that is too loose or too tight not only ends up looking too 'wiggy' and often unflattering, but it can also be uncomfortable to wear. 

If you're getting a wig custom-made for you, having a wig that fits correctly is rarely an issue as your stylist should take or ask for your head measurements so they can tailor the wig to fit you perfectly. However, this can be a little trickier when buying a pre-made wig. Although a lot of wig retailers will give measurements of their wigs and/or offer multiple cap sizes, sometimes you might find that a pre-made wig is a little too big or too small even when buying your correct size. 

The videos below share some great tips on how to adjust a slightly ill-fitting wig. However please note these tips work best when the size discrepancies are relatively small. If a wig size is way too small or big, 9/10 times you're better off getting a new wig altogether.  

Use A Suitable Attachment Method 

Wigs should never cause you discomfort or be harmful to your natural hair. Unfortunately, traditional wig attachment methods such as combs, clips, and glue can be harmful to your skin and hair by causing adverse reactions and even leading to hair loss. Fortunately, one British beauty brand is set on changing the wig game through an innovative product.

The Wig Fix by The Renatural is a silicone hair gripper that uses the natural abilities of silicone to keep hair secured for all-day hold. Taking only seconds to apply and remove, it's a convenient alternative to glue and is recommended for use with glueless, full circumference wig units. Its easy-to-use and effective nature, a growing following, and celebrity endorsements have made it one of VOGUE's best beauty products of 2020

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Wig Caps

For years people have debated whether wig caps are essential when it comes to wearing wigs but ultimately, there's no set answer. Wig caps are completely a personal choice and whilst some people wouldn't go without one, others prefer not to wear them. Whether you wear a wig cap depends on your personal preferences and the following could help you decide whether or not to wear one:

how to attach your wig


Troubleshooting Tips

Sometimes even with a perfectly sized wig and a great attachment method like the Wig Fix, you might find yourself having slight issues attaching your wig. Try these tips out to help you get the best wig results: 

  • Always apply your wigs dry 
  • Experiment with different ways to wear your wig (e.g. with and without a wig cap) to find what works the best for you
  • Consider the style of the wig – a frontal may need to be positioned and attached differently than a closure would
  • Always apply your wig from the front to ensure it lays as flat as possible and pull it down at the nape to ensure it's well fitted to your head

What are your favourite tips for attaching your wig? Share them with us in the comments or by connecting with us through our social media pages.

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