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Wigs and the Olympics

Wigs and the Olympics

Imagine the lifestyle of an olympian, now imagine the lifestyle of an olympian who wears wig. The Tokyo 2021 Olympics came to a close August 8th, an event filled with athletes sporting a wig, especially Black women in the track and field category. Who says wigs and the Olympics don't go together?
Regular wig wearers can't help but wonder how Olympians maintain their wigs at the Olympics under such intense physical conditions that inevitably affect the wig's wearability.
Many people won't even go the gym while wearing a wig, but thankfully there's more open dialogue about wearing a wig to the gym (see our blog here). So how much more is the fear of sweating out a wig as a professionally trained athlete on the world games? What do we know about wigs and the Olympics?
With increased sweat and extreme weather conditions, a wig at the Olympics can lead to common wig woes like lifting and sliding- especially without the Wig Fix! Olympic competitors should treat wearing like going to the gym x 100 and ensure their wig stays put while competing for that coveted gold medal.
What we know about wigs in the Olympics
Most Olympians who wear wigs will sport a low ponytail and a headband to keep a secured hairstyle while running. Absorbing sweat quickly with a headband prevents extra buildup around the hairline, which may be met with glue, a velvet headband, or some other bacteria-prone wig installing products. We must get the Wig Fix to these athletes soon! Our mission at The Renatural is to keep both your wig and hair underneath as healthy as possible as a wig wearer. Wigs at the Olympics should involve increased breathability and a simple installation process. That leaves more time to focus on the competition and provides more comfort to the body at such a high-stress time.
What we don't know about wigs and the Olympics
What we don't know about wigs at the Olympic is the upkeep. Are athletes allowed access to their hair stylists for some wig TLC? Are Olympic athletes taking off their wigs at night and allowing their scalp to breathe? Do they let their wigs air dry from all the sweat? Are there additional wigs?
With tight schedules, racing, recovering and redoing it, the Olympics is a busy place for both athletes and their wigs. 
We don't know the day to day wig care of an athlete competing at the Olympics, but we encourage all athletes to wash their hair anywhere from 1-3 times a week to avoid buildup that will stunt hair growth.
The games may be over but the wig slay is still in order! Congrats to all the Olympians who competed and placed.
Secure the win, secure the wig!
Wigs and the Olympics
       Image | Keni Harrison via Instagram
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