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Woman Owned Hair Brands To Support On International Women's Day And Beyond

Woman Owned Hair Brands To Support On International Women's Day And Beyond

March doesn't just mark the official start of spring, its 8th day also marks International Women's Day. This year's theme is all about challenging the status quo with one of the focuses based on celebrating women's achievements. We've decided to do this by sharing some of our favourite woman owned hair and wig brands whose products are revolutionising the wig and hair industry. Keep reading for what we think are some of the best woman owned hair brands around.

The Renatural 

This British beauty brand was founded by young entrepreneur Aasiyah Abdulsalam in 2019. In less than 2 years since its launch, The Renatural has made waves around the world by revolutionising the way people wear wigs thanks to the Wig Fix–a silicone hair gripper loved by celebrities and their stylists for helping keep their wigs secure and edges protected.

The Renatural is all about makings wigs easy, fun and comfortable to wear with the help of their products. 



Baby Tress 

From the people behind the boutique communications agency Mama Tress, comes Baby Tress, home of their Edge Styler. Designed to replace the use of toothbrushes for slicking down edges, Baby Tresse's Edge Styler is cleverly designed to feature a comb on one side of the head, natural boar bristles on the other and a tapered end for finishing touches. 

Woman Owned Hair Brands

Image | Baby Tress

Not only is the Edge Styler gentler on your edges (these are already fragile as it is and toothbrushes can sometimes lead to breakage), it's wide range of colours will also brighten up your beauty routine.  


First known for their silk pillowcases and then further popularised by their cute scrunchies, Slip was founded by Fiona Short after seeing the benefits sleeping on a silk pillowcase had on her hair and skin.

Since the brand's launch in 2004, Slip's luxury products have become essentials in beauty routines all around the globe. 



If you feel like you're always struggling to create a consistent haircare routine for your hair, Carra is the app for you.

Created by Winnie Awa, who also founded Antidote Street (an online retailer for products designed for afro and textured hair) Carra is designed to provide guidance and product recommendations for a healthy hair routine all tailored to your unique hair texture.

In an ever digitised world, digitising your haircare will help you create a comfortable, sustainable routine and help you keep track of changes to your hair so you can keep it at its healthiest. 


What's your favourite woman owned wig or hair brand? Let us know in the comments!

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