You’re Just That B*tch: How to Slay your Wig with Confidence.

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Before leaving the house, and just after looking in the mirror, you must always complete your look with the secret, game-changing ingredient - confidence. If you tell yourself you’re that b*tch, and truly believe it, there’s nothing anyone can say or do to make you think otherwise. The wig community is filled with several different personalities, sexual orientations, ethnicities and ages… we want to see everyone in this community slay their wigs with the utmost confidence. And yes… we’re gonna spill the tea on how.

Step 1: Find Your Style

Get yourself into a hair shop! Try on as many wigs as possible until you find your true match. How to know you’ve found ‘the one’? You’ll just see that spark in your eye and you’ll know! Before making your way to the hair shop, ensure you have followed the following steps:

  1. Cornrow your natural hair - you’re going to be trying on a lot of wigs… for the most natural results, your hair should be cornrowed underneath to avoid undesired bumps and for ease of application.
  2. Keep your natural hair dry - moisture welcomes bacteria! It’s highly likely that the wigs you’re about to try have been worn several times by other inquisitive buyers. For top-notch hygiene, ensure your hair is completely dry.
  3. Put on a wig cap (or two!). We’d suggest wearing a wig cap on top of your natural hair for good hygiene practice. It might even be useful to double-up on wig caps!
  4. Different colours, lengths and textures - go crazy, act like you’re a kid in a candy store! Once you find that one wig that makes you feel like Beyoncé, you’re all good to go!
  5. Wash your hair when you get home. After a long day of wig-wearing, we’d suggest washing your natural hair once you have returned home to ensure your hair is bacteria-free. 
 wigs, wig, half-wig, lace frontal, leave out, hair, The Wig Fix, The Renatural, wig-fitting, confidence, hair shop, trying on wigs

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Step 2: Don’t Let the Wind Win

Another imperative ingredient to wig confidence is wig security. For decades, wigs tumbling away in the wind have remained at the centre of wig humour. The gut-wrenching memes, GIFs, and tweets of the tragedy have welcomed the world to stop, stare and laugh, as our wigs ride the waves of the wind… us fellow community members shed a tear each time. So, how do we avoid the wig-vs-wind disaster? Vogue have suggested using our rollercoaster-proof wig gripper, The Wig Fix! Read the article for a relatable wig-in-the-wind story that Vogue’s Beauty Team share. 

Okay. So now you’ve found the wig of your dreams, you’re wig is now secured and is definitely winning the wig-vs-wind battle with your wig gripper… there's only one step left and is arguably the most important - self-belief!


Step 3: Ensure Your Self-belief is on Level: Megan Thee Stallion

Listen to confidence-boosting music (have a flick through Megan Thee Stallion and City Girls playlists), write affirmations and read them daily (no, seriously, if you want, they can read ‘I’m a bad b*tch and no one can take that away from me), look at yourself in the mirror more and firmly inform yourself of your world-changing beauty, self-love and power. These are just a few steps you can take to boost your confidence and self-belief. How else do you think Megan Thee Stallion is the epitome of sled-confidence? She had to believe it and tell herself she's the sh*t... and now everyone believes it too! Seriously, you’re everything and more - and if we know it... then somewhere deep down, you do too!

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The secret to being more confident in your wigs is honestly being more confident in yourself. No one is rocking that 28” deep-wave unit like you girl! Once you’ve found the right wig and you’re wind-proof wig gripper, the only thing left is for you to believe in you.

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