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Your Holiday Wig Toolkit... Revealed

Your Holiday Wig Toolkit... Revealed

It’s hard enough wearing a wig on a normal day - but a holiday?! There’s a tonne of tools, apparatus, equipment, utensils - whatever you want to call it, to prepare and keep locked away in your trusty travel bag. After our founder’s horrifying-wig-vs-holiday trip, we knew we needed to share her story and help wig wearers in their perfect holiday pursuit. 

The Story

After being surprised by her boyfriend on a camping trip, our CEO found herself wildly disappointed when she was welcomed with her worst, daunting fear - ‘this wig not surviving this night - let alone the whole trip. As she entered the camping site, although grateful for the surprise, she observed her surroundings and lack of wig-survival tool and instantly she knew what time it was. There was absolutely no way her luscious bundles were surviving the night. So -  what did she do? And what would any other reasonable wig wearer do in such a situation? That’s right, you guessed it - remove it… A.S.A.P.

Now, don’t worry. We’re not saying that holidays and trips away equate to wigs abandoned and left on campsite grounds, but what we are saying, is that you need what our founder lacked - The Holiday Wig Toolkit. Wanna know what’s included? How to avoid ripping the glue from your edges, or leaving The Wig Fix tucked away in your suitcase after realising there’s no other way out for your wig? Follow the steps below for the tea!

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Image | The Renatural Founder, Aasiyah Abdulsalam


Plan, Plan, Plan...and Then Plan Some More

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. It’s as easy as this - get a pen, sit down and plan your wigs for the duration of your holiday. Will you be wearing synthetic wigs? Clip-ins? Human hair wigs? Your Holiday Wig Toolkit will be dependent on the styles you choose. If you decide to go with human hair wigs, your toolkit will look very different to one if you were packing clip-ins.



 Image | Variations of wig textures and styles

Amazing Aftercare

For whichever hairstyle you go with, you’re most certainly going to need to have an amazing aftercare routine. Let’s face it - holidays are filled with sun, sea and sweat… all special ingredients to make your hair look absolutely awful. You’re going to need a wide-tooth comb to untangle any knots, a sulphate-free shampoo to cleanse the hair from above, and a trusty bottle of conditioner to revive your wig. 


Secure the Wig

From waterparks, sky-jumping, rollercoasters and jetskis, it’s as if holidays were edesigned to keep wigs off of heads and onto seas. We’d suggest having one of the ultimate necessities included in your holiday toolkit - The Wig Fix. Wearing a wig-gripper is a no-brainer, especially a rollercoaster-proof wig gripper like The Wig Fix! We want to keep wigs on heads this summer ladies and gents!


 Image | The Wig Fix

Let’s re-cap. To avoid a tragedy similar to that of our founder’s, you’re going to take a few cautionary steps before boarding your plane. First up - plan. Plan your wigs so you can plan what tools you’ll need when taking care of your wig abroad. Secondly, ensure you have an amazing aftercare routine that you practice daily after your wig soaks in some sun, sea and sweat! Lastly, ensure you have a wig gripper so that you can enjoy all your holiday frestivities worry-free.

P.S if you’re looking for some smart ways to wear your wig to the beach this summer, check out our previous blog here!

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