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Quarantine Hairstyles: 3 Styles To Get You Through Lockdown

Quarantine Hairstyles: 3 Styles To Get You Through Lockdown

Image | Leomie Anderson via Instagram 

We've all seen the memes, the tweets and the TikToks as people attempt to maintain their hairstyles by going down the DIY route in the face of quarantine. Some with good results and some with...not so good results. While we can admit that we've enjoyed watching people's impulsive style changes – bright yellow hair, anyone? It's clear that finding good quarantine hairstyles is on a lot of people's minds.

The fact of the matter is that lockdown and social-distancing measures are unlikely to ease up anytime soon so a trip to the hairdresser isn't in the cards at the moment. To help you out, we've settled on the top three easy hairstyles to wear during quarantine to tide you over as you practice social distancing and help flatten the curve.
These won't just keep your hair looking good as you go on a Tinder FaceTime date, they're also a perfect way to practice some self-care and temporarily take your mind off any worries you may have. Read on to learn more. 

Loose Ponytails

A fashion blogger fave, loose ponytails and buns don't just serve as a go-to look for when you're lacking a bit of hair inspiration, but they're also a great quarantine hairstyle. With social distancing meaning we're all spending more time indoors, this is a time for you to give that hairline a break from those updos that might have been putting too much strain on your edges. A loose, low ponytail or low bun will keep your hair away from your face as you go about your day and also give your hairline a break from the tension it's usually under. So next time you go to throw your hair up into a high pony, try wearing the style low instead.

Lissy Roddy Image | Fashion Blogger Lissy Roddy Wearing A Casual Low Bun Style

If you want to help your hair out even more, try wearing The Wig Fix. Created by The Renatural, a company helping to redefine the world of haircare, this clever invention is a great quarantine accessory. Intended to be worn under wigs to keep them in place, they're also great for helping to maintain your edges. This hairband made from 100% medical-grade silicone includes small nodes that massage your scalp as you wear it to promote blood flow and help induce hair growth. Try it out with your low pony. Your hair will thank you for it.  

quarantine hairstyles
Image | The Wig Fix by The Renatural 



As you're in quarantine and wondering what to do with your hair, one of your main concerns is most likely how to protect it for the time being and nothing says protective style more than braids. If you're lucky enough to know how to braid your hair or have someone living with you who does, we highly recommend styling your hair in braids. They're low maintenance and as it means your hair will be tucked away, your hair won't be manipulated as much as it would usually and will suffer less damage.

If you're not a braiding pro just yet, check out YouTube for a variety of braiding tutorials. Not only will you pick up a new skill but it's also a fun way to fill any spare time you find yourself having during this time. We love this tutorial below by Reese. It's a beginner-friendly style and you'll most likely have all the tools you need already at your disposal. Perfect. 

Video | IncreaseMyPiece on YouTube


If you're trying to give your hair a complete break from any type of styling or you just CBA (we feel you), then headscarves are a great way to protect your hair as you leave it to do its thing until you're able to get your hair professionally styled again. They're easy to use, quick, protect your hair/scalp and are super versatile AKA the perfect option to throw on and leave you to concentrate on other things throughout your quarantine days. One of our favourite bloggers, Kelli absolutely knows how to wear a headscarf and we're in love. Have a look at the pictures below for some inspo. 

Kelli From Wiggin Out Mama Showcasing Different Ways To Wear A HeadscarvesImages | Wiggin Out Mama via Instagram

How are you taking care of your hair during quarantine? Head over to our social media pages and let us know or leave a comment below! 

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