4 Products Every Wig Wearer Needs In Their Kit

4 Products Every Wig Wearer Needs In Their Kit
Image | Baby Tress Edge Styler™

Think your wig kit should just include your wig and a stocking cap? Think again. To get the best out of your wig, we've rounded up 4 essential, innovative products every wig-wearer should use for the best end result. Read on for the 4 Products Every Wig Wearer Needs In Their Kit.

The Wig Fix

The Wig Fix by The Renatural 

If you're still relying on clips and hairbands to keep your wig in place, you're playing yourself. The Wig Fix by The Renatural with its patent-pending design is a silicone headband worn under your wig to keep it secure without damaging your natural hair as traditional attachment methods do. Not only does it fit all head shapes and sizes, but the unique textured design also encourages hair growth by stimulating blood flow. Your kit isn't complete without it!

Baby Tress Edge Styler™

Baby Tress Edge Styler

The Baby Tress Edge Styler

Here at The Renatural we're big fans of slayed edges and if you are too, you no doubt know about the age-old toothbrush trick to lay down your edges. The Baby Tress Edge Styler™ takes edge styling to a whole new level by combining a comb to smooth and separate hair, natural boar bristles for shaping, and a precision pointed tip for the final touches. Basically, it's your edge styling dreams made a reality and available in six unreal colours, this 3-in-1 tool is essential. We'll take one in every colour, please!

Milnrow Edge Freeze Control/Holding Hair Gel With Black Castor & Argan Oil

Milnrow Edge Freeze Control/Holding Hair Gel With Black Castor & Argan Oil

The perfect addition to the Baby Tress Edge Styler is Milnrow's Edge Freeze Control/Holding Hair Gel With Black Castor & Argan Oil. Not only will your carefully styled edges not budge when slicked back with this wonder product, but it also promotes hair growth on your edges thanks to its castor and argan oil-rich formulation. Whether you love a long-hold edge control or need something that's as a nourishing as it is functional, this pot of magic will soon become your new favourite.

Perfect Line Lace Grid Eraser

Perfect Line Swiss Grid Eraser

Perfect Line Lace Grid Eraser

What lace? That lace, sis. If there's one thing we hate about wigs, it's the knots that come with the closures and frontals. Not handled correctly, these knots are a tell-tale sign of hair being a wig and while bleaching and make-up can help hide them, sometimes they're still a little too obvious. Enter Perfect Line's Lace Grid Eraser. Another patent-pending product, this clever little Swiss innovated item promises to hide those pesky knots to make your parting more scalp-like. A must-have!


So there you have it; 4 must-have products to complement your wig and get it looking and feeling better than ever. Have you tried any of these products? Let us know your favourite in the comments!

*The Renatural is not affiliated with the products mentioned in this post.

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