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Amazing Celebrity And Influencer Wig Closets

Amazing Celebrity And Influencer Wig Closets

Ever wondered how celebrities and influencers store their wigs? Have a look at these amazing celebrity and influencer wig closets for the ultimate wig storage inspiration. 

Bretman Rock 

Internet sensation and beauty influencer Bretman Rock is known for turning a variety of looks. Thanks to his recent video showcasing a tour of his impressive beauty room, we get to see his beautiful collection of wigs proudly on display. Talk about wig envy!


Porsha Williams 

The star of Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta is well-known for her love of wigs and can always be counted on to try out a variety of wig styles to perfectly match her outfits. It's no surprise then that her impressive wig collection is stored beautifully and even have a whole room dedicated to them.

In a 2018 interview with allure, Williams who also owns her own line of wigs and extensions talks about her love for wigs and how her wig journey began. There's no denying Porsha's wig room looks stunning from the images alone. Fingers crossed she takes us on a video tour soon!

Image | Clement Pascal for allure

Monet X Change

Drag superstar Monét X Change is well known for her unbelievable array of wigs. After competing on the tenth season of Ru Paul's Drag Race, she went on to take home the crown on the fourth season of All Stars.

The NYC based drag star showcased a range of wigs on both shows, using her wigs not only as a fashion statement but also a way to express her love for her culture. Instead of just run-of-the-mill straight units, Monét X Change favours bold wigs in traditional Black styles like cornrows and Afros with some even inspired by iconic Black entertainers. With such an array of wigs in her collection, it's no wonder she needs an entire closet to keep them in order! 

Kylie Jenner 

If you follow the social media mogul, you'll know she loves donning a wig every so often. Whether it's a cotton-candy pink or a Grinch-green to coincide with launches for Kylie Cosmetics, she's not shy about switching up her look with a wig. Naturally, she needs a killer closet to store them in. The video below shows her wigs living happily in her dedicated glam room. Having added to her collection since, here's to hoping she gives us another glimpse into an updated wig collection!

Khloe Kardashian 

Like her younger sister Kylie, Khloe is also another member of the KarJenner crew who loves wearing wigs. Add to that a love for organising (remember her cookie jars?) and you've got yourself an amazing wig closet. Thanks to professional organisers, The Home Edit, we got to have a look at Khloe's carefully put-together hair closet. Thanks to a colour-coordinated system, misplacing your wigs and hair pieces is a thing of the past for Khloe.


Stella Cini 

Beauty influencer and content creator Stella Cini is loved by her followers for her wig-related content. Whether it's how to style your favourite wigs or securely attaching your wigs using the rollercoaster-proof Wig Fix, Cini always has some wig tricks up her sleeves. 

A wig lover like her needs a wig closet to store her units and unsurprisingly, her wig closet doesn't disappoint. With high shelves, it's a great way to store her rainbow-hued wig collection and a stunning example of amazing celebrity and influencer wig closets. 

Jenifer Lewis 

Talented actress, and living legend Jenifer Lewis has always had the ability to hold our attention, especially in this clip of her black-ish character introducing her different wigs to us. 


Which celebrity and influencer wig closets do you love? Share your favourites in the comments or let us know what your dream wig closet would look like!

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