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Beautiful Ways To Store Your Wig

Beautiful Ways To Store Your Wig

Wig storage used to be our least favourite aspect of our lives as wig lovers but as times have changed, more and more creative and beautiful wig storage solutions have cropped up which is why we've rounded them up for you below. Keep reading to find out or top 3 ways to store your wig.

Silky Saks
ways to store your wig
Image | Silky Saks

Launched by entrepreneur Ecouia Harrison in 2017, Silky Saks was created to protect your wigs and hair extensions between wear, while on the road or out and about all whilst keeping everything looking beautifully presented. Lined with gold silk charmeuse these velvet sacks will keep your hair protected when not in use as the silk prevents breakage, damage and matting all whilst also looking super luxurious in the process. 

Available in two styles, the Bundle Saks come in up to 40" in length and include clever straps to keep your pieces secure whilst the Wig Saks are wider and perfectly designed for full units. Boujee, beautifully functional, we're in love with them!

Wig Hangers
 Image | A Wig & A Prayer 

When it comes to simple and affordable wig storage solutions, it doesn't get better than these Wig Hangers available on Amazon. The handy size and design make them great for keeping your wigs hung up and tangle-free ready for whenever you need them next. Either use them in your wardrobe alongside your clothes or why not store them in a dedicated wig wardrobe? We certainly would! 

Glass Mannequin Heads

If you like having all of your wigs out on display either for convenience or just to show them off (why wouldn't you when they're so beautiful!) these gorgeous Glass Mannequin Heads add an extra touch of glamour to your wig storage and look amazing on display. We also love them for storing our Wig Fix which is the best way to secure your wig. 

Have you tried any of these ways to store your wigs? Let us know and don't forget to keep up with The Renatural through our social media channels!

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