Which Beyoncé Wig Was the Best? The Ultimate List of Beyoncé's Best Wigs

Which Beyoncé Wig Was the Best? The Ultimate List of Beyoncé's Best Wigs

Queen Bey is known for a lot of things and naturally, our favourite topic of discussion when it comes to Beyonce is her extensive wig collection. Throughout her career, we've seen her wearing her hair in a spectrum of styles and even colours. Read on as we chronicle some of Beyoncé's best wigs. 

The Classic

Kicking things off with an early Queen Bey classic; the honey-hued, bone straight hair. It's a style that's as synonymous with Beyonce as her powerhouse vocals and one she's been a fan of since the early 2000s. It's no wonder she comes back to it every so often. Even now, it's as beautiful as it was back then. Like they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Image | Today 

The Upgraded Classic

For the 2010 Grammy's, Beyonce put a subtle twist on her signature style by adding strands of iridescent tinsel to her lengths for a beautiful glimmer. This makes the style another of Beyonce's best wigs and with hair tinsel trending again, we couldn't miss this look from our list of the best Beyonce wigs!

Image | Popsugar

The Bob 

Her wavy bob still lives in our heads rent free to this day. In her signature blonde, the new cut was a fresh departure from her long tresses. 

Image | Popsugar


The Low Pony 

For her performance of the US National Anthem at the 2004 Super Bowl, Beyonce showed out with a lightly curled ponytail. The pony made the style look classy while the few strands of hair carefully framing her face gave the look a more youthful and fun feel.

The Etta James

For her role as the legendary Etta James in the 2008 film Cadillac Records, Beyonce rocked Etta's own iconic hairstyle. The platinum blonde curled up-do was a perfect recreation of Etta's style, and with many hailing Beyonce's performance in the film as one of her best, it's only right we include it in this lineup. 

Image | The Atlantic

The Dreamgirl 

Speaking of Beyonce's acting performances, her role a as Deena Jones  (based on the real-life Diana Ross) in Dreamgirls also yielded some incredible wig looks. Most notably, the dark updo. With no hair out of place, it's one of Beyonce's best wig moments as it was a great reflection of her character's near-perfect image at that point in the film.

The Ivy Park 

Debate was rife online as to whether the beaded braids Beyonce wore to promote the 2020 relaunch of her Ivy Park fashion line was a wig or not. In the image that had everyone's jaws dropping, she shows off the braids which are intricately beaded to create artwork of the Ivy Park logo in her hair. Amazing. Wig or no, our hats go off to Kim Kimble and her team who made the hair a reality. 

The Goldmember 

For the premier of Austin Powers In Goldmember, Beyonce stunned in her curly blonde wig. Along with a short, sequinned gold dress, her disco-inspired look was the perfect way to celebrate the film's release and makes it one of Beyonce's best wigs. 

Image |  Beyonce Online

The Dark Side

With Beyonce and her blond locks making such a perfect pair, it can be easy to forget how amazing she looks with dark hair. While we wish she rocked dark hair more often, the rare appearances also make it more special; another reason to hail them as some of Beyonce's best wigs. 

Image | Popsugar


The Bayang 

Last but certainly not least on our list of Beyonce's best wigs we have those bangs. Love it or hate it, these bangs are an iconic Beyonce look.

It might have shocked some of us at the time, but there's no doubt it's one of her most recognisable looks and because of that, we think it's rightfully one of Beyonce's best wigs. 

Which Beyonce wig is your favourite? Share your opinion in the comments.

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