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Wigs For Children: A Guide For Parents

Wigs For Children: A Guide For Parents

Image | Quilla Bohannon FreeWigs4Kids

Contrary to popular belief, it's not just adults that wear wigs. Kids as young as six have also been known to regularly wear wigs for various reasons and as a parent, it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect wig for your child. In this blog post, we're going over some of the most common reasons why kids need wigs and the best tips for parents looking for wigs for children.

Why Do Children Need Wigs?

As versatile as wigs are, so are the reasons why people–children included–might need wigs. Health issues like cancer and alopecia are amongst the most common. When it comes to cancer, aggressive treatments including radiotherapy and chemotherapy are known to lead to hair loss. Considering approximately 1,400 children are diagnosed with cancer every year in the UK, a number of these will experience hair loss and look to wigs as a solution. 

As for alopecia, while the term itself refers to "various forms of hair loss", the exact types can vary but some of the most common include alopecia areata and traction alopecia. While the former is an auto-immune disease that leads to bald patches and sometimes nail problems like ridging, the latter is the result of prolonged tension on the hair brought about by tight hairstyles like braids and ponytails which then lead to thinning hair and/or hair loss.

The hair loss that comes with these types of health issues can be overwhelmingly difficult to deal with at any stage in life but for children who are still growing up and finding themselves, this can be especially detrimental to their mental health and their perception of themselves. This is why charities like The Little Princess Trust were created; to help children and young people suffering from hair loss by providing them with real hair wigs completely free of charge.

Aside from health reasons, wigs for children may be needed as a way to let kids express themselves. With cosplay becoming more popular each year, more kids are turning to the art of dressing up as their favourite characters. To best portray these characters involves recreating their intricate outfits and hairstyles and considering these often come in a spectrum of colours and gravity-defying styles, wigs are the best option.

Are All Wigs The Same? Which One Is Best For My Child? 

Not all wigs are created equal and what kind you buy for your child will depend on things like why they need a wig, their lifestyle and your budget.

If buying a wig for a child living with health issues that have led to hair loss, a custom human hair wig would be the best option for everyday use. These can be tailored to perfectly match your child's head size, hair colour, thickness and style so they look as natural as possible. They also last longer with correct care and can be treated much like real hair meaning they won't feel as 'unnatural' to a child who is new to wearing wigs.

If you're looking for wigs to be used for creative purposes like cosplay, we recommend sticking to more affordable synthetic options. As they're unlikely to be used as much as an everyday human hair wig, spending more on them might be unnecessary. If your child likes to cosplay various characters who all require different wigs, buying multiple wigs can also get expensive very quickly so finding affordable synthetic wigs will allow you to let your child explore their creativity without breaking the bank.

Best Places For Human Hair Wigs:

The Little Princess Trust

The Little Princess Trust is dedicated to providing real, human hair wigs for children and young people living with hair loss as a result of cancer treatment or other conditions free of charge. By connecting you with an approved salon, they aim to make the process of finding a wig as easy as possible and are a great option to look into.

 Video | The Little Princess Trust


Online Retailers

Sites like Hot Hair and Mimo Wigs offer wigs specifically for children. You can choose from human hair or synthetic styles designed and crafted specifically for kids. The smaller capsizes and child-friendly styles are great options for younger wig wearers. The different styles also come in varying colours making it easy to find a colour match for your child's natural hair. 

Images | Mimo Wigs


Independent Wig Makers

There are a variety of independent wig makers across the globe who work out of their own homes or private salons. Spending some time on social media can help you find wig makers within your area who can create a custom wig perfectly suited for your child. Quilla Bohannon is known for specialising in custom wigs for kids with incredible results. 

wigs for children

Image | Quilla Bohannon FreeWigs4Kids via 60 Second Docs


Local Salons

If you're looking for a completely custom wig for children, a quick Google search with terms like "wig fitter" followed by your town/city can point you in the direction for salons who are trained and experienced in making and/or sourcing and fitting custom wigs. If possible, contact a few different salons to ask them for more information on their process to find the best fit for you and your child. Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions on how they work, what type of hair they use and anything else you might be worried about. It's best to feel confident in your choice of salon to ensure the best result for your child's custom wig.

Best Places For Synthetic Wigs 


AliExpress is a Chinese online retailer that is infamous for its wide selection of wigs–both human and synthetic. If you're looking for affordable, synthetic costume wigs or more realistic everyday wigs, AliExpress is a great place to look. Make sure you read the product reviews and bear in mind that AliExpress deliveries often take longer to arrive as they're shipped from overseas. 


If you're looking for a wig delivered in a shorter timeframe, Amazon is a great option for lower-priced, synthetic wigs. Again, it's important to take the time to read the reviews to ensure the wig meets your child's needs.


YesStyle is most well known for being a great destination to buy Asian beauty products and trending fashion pieces. They also offer a selection of synthetic wigs and hairpieces that could make great cosplay pieces. As with AliExpress, make sure to read product reviews and keep in mind the longer delivery timeframes and any additional customs charges. YesStyle tries to make these as clear as possible by outlining the possible charges on their site.

Images | YesStyle 

Things To Keep In Mind 

When applied correctly and regularly taken care of, wigs can make a great protective style. For kids, it's especially important that parents take the time to practice good wig 'etiquette' to make the wig-wearing experience as comfortable for their children as possible and to do this, it's vital that you keep the following in mind:

Prep Their Natural Hair Correctly

How you prep your child's hair for a wig will depend on the condition of their natural hair. If they're wearing a wig for medical reasons and as a result have experienced thinning or hair loss, make sure you're especially gentle with their hair. Loose, neat braids are a great option for kids who still have hair left. Also consider a wig cap. This can act as an extra layer of protection between your child's hair and the wig for added comfort.

Use A Gentle Attachment Method

Traditionally, most wigs come equipped with an elastic band, combs, clips or a combination of the above to keep them in place during wear. However, these attachment methods are outdated and can over time cause further hairless. Instead, consider The Wig Fix by The Renatural.

The Wig Fix is made out medical-grade silicone (perfect for sensitive skin) and designed to keep wigs in place all day long even under the toughest conditions. It’s rollercoaster proof so will do just fine on a busy playground or at a cosplay convention.

It's similar to a headband and because it's made from stretchy silicone, will fit most head sizes; even the smaller heads of children.

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Get Them Involved

While most of the work will be up to you as a parent to find a great wig for your child, the process as a whole should also be collaborative.

At the end of the day, it's your child who has to wear the wig so when going through this journey, make sure you involve them as much as possible and ask their opinion: Is it comfortable? Do they like the colour? How does wearing it make them feel?

If your child has to or wants to wear a wig, the last thing you want is for them to hate wearing it so actively involving them in the wig journey like this will not just ensure your child loves their wig, but will also help keep them clued in on how to help take care of it and how they should wear it.

Did you learn anything new from this blog post? We'd love to hear your thoughts so leave them in the comments and don't forget to follow The Renatural on social media:

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also Have A Granddaughter With Alopecia And Is Getting Made Fun Of In School And Tormented Can U help

My Name Is Jenn klafter

I am a Kenyan and have a 6 year old daughter who suffers acute eczema and hair loss and only grows in patches. This has affected her personality. I’m interested in a human hair wig which will match her sensitive skin and scalp. Please advice. Thank you.

Esther Ouso

Great advice! Brilliant blog post highlighting all the need to knows. A great wig maker who experienced hairloss in younger years is Berenice london. She has built a business due to paying a lot for wigs and being disappointed with how real they looked when on! She now focuses on the most realistic look and comfortability because of everyday use.

evangeline barrett

My granddaughter is 7 years old and has alopecia areata. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to style her hair in a way to cover her bald spots and she’s very anxious about this. Other children have noticed and commented on it. I don’t know where to start. Can you help me.

Wanda Howard

My granddaughter has alopecia. I am growing my hair out to make her a real wig. Is that even possible?


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