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If You’re Not Using These Products in 2023, We Can't Save You!

If You’re Not Using These Products in 2023, We Can't Save You!

Here at The Renatural, we’re all about trying the best hair products with the latest technology/scientific advancements so that you don’t have to. Nothing is worse than discovering a new hair product only to discover that it…well…sucks! So when we found our holy grail hair products, there were two things we vowed:

1: Hold on tight and never let go.

2: Let The Renatural community know ASAP! Read on to see what hair products you need to have in your bathroom in 2023!

Scalp Serum - This Hair of Mine, by Cyndia Harvey

We thank Cyndia Harvey every morning for the magic she created with her revolutionary product, Scalp Serum. The fast-absorbing, lightweight serum is also plant-based and cruelty-free. A science-backed product, the website informs us that the existing pea peptides in the product stimulate follicle regeneration, preventing hair loss. Amongst a host of several other natural ingredients, Scalp Serum also has pomegranate enzyme that works to exfoliate the scalp and remove buildup! Check out more about their ingredients and their science here.

This Hair of Mine Scalp Serum


Got to Grow Hair Serum - Insert Name Here, by Sharon Pak and Jordynn Wynn

A non-greasy, peptide-filled daily serum for hair density and strengthening - what’s not to love?! Got to Grow Hair Serum by Insert Name Here also has some caffeine and biotin packed in, which are necessary to support healthy hair growth. Their blend of natural vegan ingredients is expertly designed to help support the scalp and improve the appearance of more voluminous, thicker, fuller, healthier hair. This is why we’ve (gently) kicked it in the 'yes please' pile!

 got to grow hair serum


Custom Styling Primer - Function of Beauty, by Zahir Dossa

Taking a personalised spin on haircare, Function of Beauty’s Custom Styling Primer allows you to formulate your very own personalised styling primer, with your unique styling goals in mind.

To customise, start by clicking 'Create Formula' - you’ll have to select your curl pattern and hair structure, and then select the moisture level of your scalp. By continuing down the form, you’ll describe your hair in more detail - is it chemically treated? What are your styling goals? How do you usually style your hair? The tech-backed brand uses the personalisation process to deliver a styling primer just for you, satisfying all of your hair needs.

And just to take it a step further, your bottle will also have your name written on it!

custom styling primer


Dermaroller Growth System - Act and Acre, by Helen Reavey

Derma rollers have been proven to stimulate blood flow and collagen in the areas where you use them. Hence, combining this with a plant-based winning serum is a science experiment we can’t get enough of!

Act and Acre’s stem-cell serum, Dermaroller Growth System, advertises visible hair growth in 6-8 weeks, using swiss apple stem cells that revitalise hair stem cells and repair the scalp microbiome from a cellular level! Science, hair and sustainability? We’re never letting go of this product.

act and acre derma roller


Detangling Nectar - Pattern, by Tracee Ellis Ross

A haircare brand by our good sis, Tracee Ellis Ross? Yes please! We all know that Tracee is always about rocking a healthy mane and her brand embodies just that. Pattern understands that naturally curly hair "seeks its independence" and needs a little TLC to get into place whilst detangling - so they brought in The Detangling Nectar. Its innovative formula is crafted with sea moss, aloe vera and grapeseed oil to prepare strands for smooth, defined curls.

detangling nectar by pattern by Tracee Eliis Ross


We get super excited when we see new, innovative hair products like The Wig Fix take the internet and hair community by storm! There’s nothing better than seeing well thought-out brands emerge from the shadows and into our bathrooms. Great packaging, natural ingredients, science-based, tech-loving formulas that actually do what they say on the tin? Sign us up... each and every time!

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