How our hair changes as we age and why it's not not a bad thing

How our hair changes as we age and why it's not not a bad thing

The hard truth to swallow is that our hair changes as we age and the trials and formulations we have grown to trust may not serve us as we get older and our hair changes. I mean just from now till the age of 25 my hair has gone from straight to curly (puberty will do that to you). So I can only imagine what other life changes may effect my hair such as pregnancy, menopause, and more.


Change in hair texture as you age. Young girl with straight hair becomes curly

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Our hair color as we age

There are some obvious changes to hair that many experience such as color, texture, density. Some people start out in life having blonde hair that slowly becomes brown (but they still call themselves dirty blonde). Some people may have straight hair that turns curly or hair that is both aka multi-textured hair.

Our hair texture as we age

Our hair texture can change in a variety of ways that often depend on health, hormone levels, and genetics. Our hair can become finer or coarser, more resilient or more prone to damage. Many people find that their hair becomes drier over time as well – scalp oils decrease, and the natural protective layer of your hair diminishes slowly.

Our hair density as we age

As we age, our hair density tends to decrease (for all our high density girls we know we're cheering too). With each passing year, the amount of hair follicles on our scalp decreases and can result in thinner looking hair with less fullness. Additionally, changes in hormones, medical conditions such as anemia, or malnutrition can contribute to hair loss as well.

Other factors that can diminish our hair quality as we age

An additional cause of hair damage as we age is consistent sun damage. I know we all want our fun in the sun especially in the summer but the sun is one of the most damaging forces to our hair. UV rays can cause breakage, dryness, and even color fading over time. The sun's intense heat strips away melanin from the hair cuticle, leaving it more vulnerable to damage and breakage. This makes it more difficult for our hair to retain moisture and stay hydrated, leading to dryness and dullness. How do you protect your hair from sun damage? The answer can be found in many products that contain sand ginger:


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No matter what causes your gray hairs though, there are ways to manage and even improve the appearance of prematurely grayed locks including using non-toxic dyes and coloring products, visiting a trichologist for specialized treatments, getting regular scalp massages or trying out home remedies like coconut oil masks or apple cider vinegar rinses. With the right care, aging hair can look healthier and shinier than ever before!



Many also turn to wigs as the age because they may loose hair, their hair becomes thin or because they want to cover up grey hair without dying their natural hair. We here are all for the grey look and even love any grey wigs we see (like look at this one we're obsessed). 


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