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How To Clean Your Wig

How To Clean Your Wig

If you're not regularly washing your wigs and giving them some TLC, you're doing you (and your wig) a major disservice. Just because it's not the hair coming out of your wig doesn't mean you shouldn't treat it as such. Keep reading for a crash course on how to keep your human hair and synthetic wigs clean. 


Human Hair 

Human hair wigs are great for people who want a natural look and the freedom to treat it like you would your real hair. However, because of this, there is at times a misconception that it doesn't need to be cleaned as much which isn't the case. Not only does it collect dirt, dust, and sweat from day-to-day life, it can also collect product quicker which leads to build-up. 

How often you wash your human hair wig will depend on how often you wear it. When it comes to your daily wig aka the favourite you pull out for everyday wear, we recommend washing it every 7 days. If you use minimal product on it and don't tend to wear it during exercise, you might even be able to push this 14 days but we really wouldn't recommend delaying washing your wig for longer than that.

If you have special occasion wigs–such as the one you only pull out once every couple of weeks or even months, you can put off washing them for longer. How long depends on how often it's been worn since its last wash. If you're unsure whether your needs to be cleaned, having a good look at it can help. Consider how it feels; is it dry? Oily from build-up or looking dull? These can all be indicators that your wig is in need of a clean. 

Regardless of how often you wear it, here's our quickfire guide on how to easily clean your human hair wig: 


how to clean your wig


Synthetic Hair 

While it's important to keep human and synthetic hair clean, it's vital to be a little more gentle with synthetic hair. Due to its nature and the fact that synthetic hair, despite being more high-quality than in the past, is less easy to manipulate, one mistake when washing synthetic hair can lead to a ruined wig. But that doesn't mean it's impossible to clean your wig even if it's a synthetic unit. The main points to remember when cleaning synthetic hair are to be patient and gentle. 


If you do happen to make a mistake when handling your synthetic wigs and need to restore them to their former glory, you can try steaming them. As the synthetic fibers are set into a certain style during production (such as curl pattern), they can 'remember' this style and when treated correctly with steam, return to their original style. 


What are your top tips for washing synthetic hair? Join the conversation in the comments below!

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