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Mikai McDermott wearing a purple wig via Instagram

How To Prevent Your Wig from Tangling

Image | Mikai McDermott via Instagram 

It's never pleasant when you're running your hand through your hair only to be met by tangles! Unlike your natural hair, wigs don't produce their own natural oils to keep them hydrated. This can lead to tangles–even from the most expensive wigs. Whilst you can't stop any wig from never tangling, here are a few things you can keep in mind prevent your wig from tangling.

Take Care When Washing Your Wig 

When washing your wig, make sure you don't scrub at the hair. Not only does this encourage shedding, but it also promotes tangles which once the hair is dry, will be even more difficult to comb back out. Instead of scrubbing your wig, wash the hair by combing the shampoo and conditioner through it and in downward motions. This helps distribute product evenly through the hair and minimises the risks of tangling. 

When it comes to washing your wig, we advise washing it no more than once a week unless you live a particularly active lifestyle and/or use a lot of products on your wig. 


Use Gentle Products 

Less is always more with wig care products. A high-quality human hair wig shouldn't require an arsenal of products to keep it looking its best. For daily care, a light oil such as OGX's Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Penetrating Oil applied every so often is more than enough. 

prevent your wig from tangling

For shampoo and conditioner, we recommend a gentle combination of sulphate free products. Pantene's Gold Series has some great options worth checking out. 


Brush Regularly

You should brush your hair at least twice a day–ideally when you put it on and when you take it off again. When brushing your wig, make sure you use a suitable brush and gently brush through the entire unit starting from the ends and working your way up. 

Make sure not to start brushing from the top of the hair as this can cause tangles to worsen which can lead to excessive shedding!

Got any more wig tips? Feel free to share them with us in the comments and follow us on our social media accounts for more content and updates from the makers of The Wig Fix–the best way to secure your wig. 

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