Wearing Wigs On Rollercoasters: Top Tips

Wearing Wigs On Rollercoasters: Top Tips
Image | Janna Niki The Wig Fix Review Video

Just because you're wearing a wig doesn't mean you can't also enjoy roller coaster rides without the fear of your wig literally getting snatched half way through! Read on to find out how to make wearing wigs on rollercoasters a piece of cake.

Use A Reliable Attachment Method

The Wig Fix by The Renatural is a sustainable wig attachment method that's rollercoaster proof and will ensure your wig stays on even on the wildest of rides. A unique headband made from 100% medical grade silicone, The Wig Fix acts as a 'gripper' between your natural hair/scalp and your wig to keep it attached at all times and make sure your wig stays on all day long. Sound too good to be true? One of our favourite wig and extensions influencer Janna Niki took The Wig Fix for a ride (literally!) and put it to the test. Click the image below to watch her review video and hear her thoughts on the best way to secure your wig:

wearing wigs on rollercoasters
Image | Janna Niki The Wig Fix Review Video

For Added Security

If you're planning on braving some serious rollercoasters or you'd like a little bit of extra peace of mind, you can always use headbands and/or bobby pins to make your wig stay on during a rollercoaster ride alongside your Wig Fix.

Jersey headbands are especially great for this as they offer additional stretch and cover the entire circumference of the head whilst remaining comfortable. Wearing an option like ASOS' Wide Jersey Headband In Black and PLT's 2 Pack Basic Headband are super affordable headbands great for wearing with a wig. Use some bobby pins to clip them to your wig and even the cap underneath (we'd recommend at the back and sides) and you're good to go! 

Images | ASOS DESIGN Wide Jersey Headband and Pretty Little Thing 2 Pack Basic Headband 


What About Glue?

Okay, so your first thought might have been to use glue to make sure your wig stays rollercoaster proof and while glue might help your wig do just that, the longterm effects it can has on your wig and your natural hair aren't worth the short term satisfaction. Prolonged use of wig glues and in particular the incorrect removal of them can lead to increased dryness, damaged follicles and in some cases even hair loss! This is why we prefer using The Wig Fix on a day-to-day basis and only reinforcing it with gentler attachment methods like bobby pins when needed for more strenuous activities like rollercoaster rides. 


Will you be wearing a wig and a Wig Fix on your next rollercoaster ride? Let us know through our social media pages and don't forget to tag us in your posts!

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  • Jodi Albert

    Youre so pretty!
    Thank you so much for the great information!

    I’ve been wearing wigs and extensions for about 25yrs (before most white girls were wearing them 😆

    About 10 years ago my boyfriend and I went to Florida and decided to go race go karts. The place was PACKED. My car was faster for some reason so I’d stop & taunt him. .He comes up behind me, hits the back of my car & my wig FLIES off.
    . (Did I mention the place was PACKED?!

    In a car
    accident, twice
    *Yankee stadium, on a really windy day.

    *Middle of a dance floor while my cousin was trying to help me pin it. and
    *on a 1st date.

    I’ve learned since then from people like you.. Your article was really very helpful!

    Thank you, Stay safe!

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