How To Wear A Wig In Hot Weather

How To Wear A Wig In Hot Weather
Image | Aasiyah Abdulsalam Founder of The Renatural

This was 2018, before the Wig Fix. Behind the smile, it was 42 degrees and I was being cooked alive with my velvet grip and 24" four bundle curly wig. The wig looked great but I definitely didn't feel it. From this experience (and others over the years) I've picked up a couple of tips for making your wig work for you if yo uwant to wear a wig in hot weather.

Reduce Your Wig Density

As the old saying goes – Less Is More. This timeless adage proves especially true if you struggle with overheating when wearing a wig not just in hot weather but also year-round.

Less hair means less heat trapped within the wig and it's also easier for any cool air to access your scalp and stop you from getting too hot. When making or purchasing your next hot-weather wig, consider using 1.5 - 2 bundles for a short style and up to 3 bundles for longer styles. If you prefer buying ready-made wigs, make sure to keep an eye out for the density. As the average healthy person is considered to have between 100-120% density, anything within that range is perfect for a manageable look that won't leave you sweating out your edges. For the full rundown on wig density, check out Milano Wigs' Video below!

Video | Milano Wigs on YouTube


Use An Aerated Wig Cap

What we mean by this is a wig cap with lots of holes/gaps that allow airflow. More airflow means more cool air reaching your scalp and preventing any overheating. These are readily available on Amazon so it's super easy for you to try them out.

If you want to create a DIY version, we recommend making tiny incisions in the fabric part of your existing wig(s) in multiple spots. You can easily do this with a pin, scissors or anything of the sort but just make sure not to damage the delicate stitches attaching the hair to the wig cap.

If you're looking for some more information on the types of wig caps best suited for hot weather, we love Eboni's video on the topic which you can watch below. 

Video | EverythingEboni on YouTube

 Use A Heat-Dissipating Grip Like The Wig Fix 

The Wig Fix is great because its made out of heat-dissipating silicone so it will never overheat, unlike alternatives. The Wig Fix also won't absorb any sweat and takes seconds to clean making it the most sanitary wig attachment option for hot weather.

wear a wig in hot weather

Image | The Wig Fix by The Renatural 

Do you have any tips on how to wear a wig in hot weather? Share them with us in the comments or through our social media pages! And if you're looking to travel in the future (once we're out of quarantine, of course) then make sure you check out our blog post on The Best Hairstyles For Black Backpacking/Travelling Girls.

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