Keeping Your Hair Laid Whilst Getting Laid - A Myth?

Keeping Your Hair Laid Whilst Getting Laid - A Myth?

Sex and wigs - an old tale. For some of us, we love them both, but we can’t seem to understand how they can peacefully co-exist. Is there really any possibility of keeping our wigs laid whilst trying to get laid? Look no further - today, we’re your hair sexperts!

Brand New Bae

It’s been just a couple of days/weeks of knowing your new boo. Although we’re all about being yourself at all times, we understand that you may feel more comfortable looking and feeling your best… and we all know that comes with having your hair in tip-top condition. You haven’t introduced him to headscarf/bonnet-you yet, and for now, you’d quite like to keep it that way.

We’d suggest grabbing a trusty wig band to keep your wig secure. Why? They’re seamless and hidden underneath your wig. You don’t need to bring out your headscarf or bonnet, your wig will invisibly remain secured. The rollercoaster-proof and breathable wig band, The Wig Fix, would be your best bet here. Go buck-wild crazy without the worry/anxiety of your wig slipping off, or worse, falling off mid-pleasure.


woman lies in bed


3 Months In or AKA the '90-Day Rule'

He’s not new-new, but he’s still kinda new. You’ve been dating for 3 months now, or you’ve sworn an oath to the 90-day rule and have waited 3 months to finally get between the sheets. Whatever the case, the point is, your main aim is still to keep your wig secure, but you’re not too fussed on how you look... we’re just keeping it cute. We’d suggest using a claw clip to keep your hair out the way and potentially a melt-band to secure the wig in place. If the melt band isn’t serving the cute aesthetic you were going for, we’d suggest reverting back to your trusty wig band, The Wig Fix.

For further sex-proof attachments, read our previous blog here!


Super Cozy 

You’ve been with bae for a while now and how you look in front of him is no longer a concern - especially whilst having sex. After all, your primary aim is to orgasm, not look like a greek goddess, right?! If comfort allows, we’d suggest completely taking off your wig! Yes, wig-be-gone. If your cornrows aren’t particularly neat, you could always use a bonnet or a headscarf.

To sum it up, either go wig-free and show off all your cornrow’s glory or, swap your wig for a headscarf/bonnet et voilá! Easy, carefree and consensual sex without the worry of your wig falling off!

Woman in Bed with a Bonnet


No matter what stage you’re at in your relationship, your main priorities during sex should be consent, pleasure and safety. It’s not a performance or a production, so don’t worry too much about dressing/looking ‘the part’. As long as you’re safe and having a good time, your wig naturally slipping back shouldn’t be such a huge deal for any of you!

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