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Lace Frontals: Why We Stopped Buying Them

Lace Frontals: Why We Stopped Buying Them

As the ultimate wig lovers, we never thought a day would come where we would stop adding lace frontals to our collections of wigs but as with many other things, 2020 proved us wrong. From the impacts of Covid-19 on the wig industry to the desire to hold on to our edges, many factors played a role in our embargo on frontals. Keep reading for the details.  

The Frontal Shortage 

Yes, it's real. Growing customer demand mixed with the effects of this year's pandemic meant that the shortage of frontals was easier to see than ever. At one point, Swiss lace was even completely sold out, so much so that even distributors and vendors found it near impossible to get their hands on them.

While this had a shook for a hot minute, it prompted us to have a look at our old closure units. Revamping them and treating them to a little TLC made us realise why we loved closures to begin with. If you're finding it difficult to get your hands on frontals, it's well worth having a look at your old closure units or even buying new closures. Thankfully lace production has picked back up again and while even closures are still a little more difficult to get a hold of, they're overall more readily available than frontals. 

lace frontals

Image | laidbytima

Bigger Lace Closures 

Over the last few years, bigger closure sizes have been growing in popularity for the fact that when styled right, they mimic the look of full lace frontals.

Dubbed mini-frontals, lace closures from size 4 x 4 inches all the way up to even 7 x 7 inches are a great way to recreate the look of frontals with a little less effort. Unlike the smaller sized closures we were so used to in the past, the larger sizes also offer more variety when it comes to partings and can be worn glueless 

Overall, larger closure styles can offer realistic looks, more freedom when it comes to partings and less maintenance than lace frontals. What's not to love? 



Protecting Our Edges 

When you think of frontals, you think of the glue used to secure them. Unfortunately glue, gel and tape–all of which are popular ways to attach frontals–can cause damage to your hair, skin and even the lace closure itself. Excessive and continued use coupled with improper application and removal can lead to issues including hyperpigmentation, contact dermatitis and even hair loss like traction alopecia. Influencer Mariam Musa shared her experience with some of these issues as a result of overuse of wig glue on The Real.

As much as we love wigs, no wig is worth the stress of that. So how do we keep our wigs secure, you wonder? With the Wig Fix. 

This clever invention from Black-owned beauty brand The Renatural uses the natural gripping abilities of silicone to 'grip' wigs in place without causing damage to skin or hair. With fans including Tokyo Stylez and Patricia Bright, it's a certified winner. 

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What are your thoughts on frontals? Keep the conversation going through the comments below. 

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