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Anderson Paak wears a blonde wavy wig

Male Celebrities Rock Wigs Too!

Over the last decade, wigs worn by those of different genders, sexualities, races and beyond have become more socially accepted. As advocates of wig inclusivity and diversity from the start, we’re glad to see this slow-but-sure shift in social norms. Today we're shining a light on male celebrities who rock wigs… and rock them well!

Anderson .Paak

American rapper, writer, singer, producer and drummer, Anderson Paak, has been known to do more than just make hits, but rock iconic wigs too. 

Take his radiating blonde unit debuted in June this year - the shoulder-length curly wig saw several fans asking for more... and even further, asking their own hair stylists to mimic the exact same style!

In true 70s pimp style, Paak most recently rocked a silky smooth flipped-ends wig with the bayangs! And would it be Paak if he didn’t match his units with large-framed sunglasses coupled with a show-stopping outfit? Nope! We all know Paak never comes to disappoint.

During a Silk Sonic show in Vegas this year, one half of the duet, Bruno Mars, even surprised his partner with an identical matching wig!

Anderson Paak’s wigs are consistently silky, soft and never fail to express his true aura. His wigs definitely have The Renatural seal of approval!

Anderson Paak wears a blonde curly wig, uploaded to his Instagram channelImage | Anderson .Paak Wears a Blonde Wavy Wig

Harry Styles

It’s been speculated amongst several Harry Styles fans that the pop singer may be an avid wig wearer - if it's true, then welcome to the fun club, Harry!

The speculation started when an anonymous source informed the celebrity gossip Instagram account, Deuxmoi of their theory. Soon after, Abbi Henry on TikTok brought this theory to her audience’s attention on the app. Captioned 'JUSTICE FOR BALDARRY', her TikTok video has amassed just short of 6 million views.

Whether Harry Styles actually does wear a wig or not, we’re so here for it… and how natural it lays! I mean, we loved when he went for the platinum-blonde-exaggerate-curls look for a night out in 2013!

For some tips of how to ease into wig-wearing, take a look at our previous blog here.

Harry Styles from One Direction performance

Image | Harry Styles Perfoming on Stage


Tyler Perry

Although worn on set for film and TV, Tyler Perry has been known to wear several wigs over the years.

Whether he’s going for a younger look on set, or acting as the iconic Madea, it’s safe to say that we’re all used to seeing Tyler Perry in a laid wig!

Tyler Perry acts as Madea in a grey side part bob wig


Snoop Dogg

Now, there’s no way we could discuss male celebrity wigs without mentioning Uncle Snoop! Known to slay a short ‘auntie-inspired’ unit, it’s quite common to see a trending meme of Snoop Dogg wearing a wig!

The rap legend and business mogul has never been shy to rock his naturally long tresses, or a silky short wig. 

 Snoop Dogg wears a short bob wig

ImageSnoop Dogg Wears a Blonde Bob Wig


Are there any other male celebrities who rock wigs that you love? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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