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Nervous About Having Sex With Your Wig On? Read This..

Nervous About Having Sex With Your Wig On? Read This..

Image | By Priscilla Du Preez

Having sex with a new partner for the first can sometimes be stressful enough. Are you two compatible? Will it be as good as you’ve imagined? What if it turns out to be a total disaster? Most of us can relate to those kinds of worries but throw in the matter of having to deal with a wig and the stress levels can take on a whole new level. Now you’re anxious about whether or not your wig will get too warm or worse...if it’ll slip off.

But don’t worry, we’re here to bring you some tips on dealing with having sex with your wig on so read on to find out more!

Forget The Wig (at least for a little while)

If you’re the type who’d rather not deal with any wig related struggles when having sex, a surefire way to alleviate the worries is to forget the wig altogether. If your partner knows you wear wigs, then great! Let them know you’d rather have sex without it and enjoy your time together.

If they don’t already know and you’re feeling nervous about what they’ll think, we suggest having a quick chat about it with them. It doesn’t have to be a huge discussion. A quick “You know I wear a wig, right?” could be more than enough. Chances are they already know (especially if you’re like us and love switching up your style often) and if they didn’t know, it's a great opportunity to bring it up.

Should they take an issue with it, they’re most likely not the one for you and that’s their loss, sis!

Secure The Wig

Maybe option one isn’t for you and you don’t want your partner to know that you wear a wig for whatever reason and that’s more than fine. To prevent any potentially awkward moments such as your wig slipping off during sex, we recommend making sure you secure your wig to ensure it stays on through even the most rigorous sessions.

The Wig Fix with its patent-pending gripping technology is the best way to secure your wig during sex. With its ease of use, it’s exactly what you need to keep your wig secured without adding extra bulk to your hair or feeling uncomfortable after a long day (or night) of wear. Find it at The Renatural - makers of the best wig accessories.

having sex with your wig on  

Keep Your Braids Looking Neat 

Accidents can happen and if you're still nervous about possibility of your wig coming off during sex, it can help to keep your hair underneath looking neat and tidy as it can help boost your confidence should your wig end up on the other side of the room.

How do you deal with your wig when having sex? Have you had any funny wig based incidents in the past? Let us know in the comments or through our social media pages!


My fear is not that it will come off, but that if they want to run their hands through it, they can feel the bumps and wefts.😬


I’m afraid of having my wig fall off while making love with a new partner. Or even on a windy day, etc.


I would love to see your range of wigs.wish to find out more about the wig fix. Thank you

Brenda Allardyce

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