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Wig Stylists and Creators Noah Scott What Wigs, Myla pradaolic, Alfred Lewis

Our Favorite LGBTQ+ Wig Stylists and Creators

When we think of wigs we think about the seamless ability to transform yourself into anything you please. If you wan't blonde hair without bleaching and dying you can do that with a wig. If you want to transform into your favorite comic book character you can do that with a wig.

There are so many cases where wig can be used to express oneself which is why we love to highlight and celebrate the LGBTQ Wig stylists and creators who are taking self expression with wigs to a different level.

Here are a few of our favorite LGBTQ+ Wig stylists and creators who have mastered wig making and inspire us everyday to try something new! 

Noah Scott

Founder of What Wigs, he is a celebrity wig stylist and makes custom wig and head pieces. He's a self taught hairstylist who has worked with clients like Paris Hilton, Ariana Grande, and Khloe Kardashian just to name a few icons.



Myla aka pradaolic

Myla's fashion and wig styling is whimsical and ethereal. The don't quite follow trends but create their own. Their wig styling is carefully curated to perfection while also pushing boundaries and norms.





JStayReady is as his name implies ALWAYS ready. They're booked and busy with most of his work being for pop star Doja Cat, but he's consistently working with other celebrities on the side.



Tokyo Stylez

Tokyo Stylez rose to prominence through her appearances on Keeping Up With The kardashians creating wigs for Kylie Jenner, having made over 100 wigs for her. She can additionally be seen creating wigs for the likes of Cardi B and many other wig wearing celebrities we love.



Alfred Lewis lll

The self proclaimed Hair Picasso, Alfred is know for his creative craft with wigs. He often innovates and sets trends for designs on wigs.

Jonathan Wright

Starting his career as a stylist at the age of 18 he fell into hairstyling when a hairstylist for the 2016 BET awards dropped out. He then stepped in and everyone was amazing with his work. After this point he decided to put in more time towards hairstyling largely teaching himself and soon earning clients like Lil KimSZAKeke Palmer and more.


Autum Angelize aka Looks By Otto

It's hard to pin down one look for Autum because their portfolio is so varied with bold looks we love but they give you style, makeup, and wig inspo all in one page.




Chris creates over the top portraits that are dreamy and eye catching that surely take hours to create but are so amazing to admire!



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