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Relaxer 101: The Only Guide You'll Ever Need

Relaxer 101: The Only Guide You'll Ever Need

First you buy the box, then you remove its contents and then you stare in absolute confusion. Yes, ladies, a relaxer-set-up-in-the-bathroom could be just as intimidating as a laboratory set up in science lessons. From your activators, neutralisers, lyes and no lyes…it’s quite the chemistry class. These chemicals are extremely harmful to the skin, and to your scalp, so it’s important you err on the side of caution. Never skip the gloves or this guide! Read on, we’ve got you.

Pre-Relaxer: Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the go-to solution for itchy, sore and unhappy scalps and hair. It is a super-hydrator that strengthens hair, promotes hair growth, and protects against UV damage. The worst thing you could do to both your hair and scalp is to apply chemicals whilst experiencing any sort of discomfort. Give your hair a lot of TLC by using Aloe Vera gel scraped straight from the plant, or any other Aloe-infused products.


aloe vera plant
 Image | Aloe Vera Plant

During Relaxer: Castor Oil

When relaxing the hair, you need a physical barrier to protect your scalp. This physical barrier has to be inert - this means that it won’t join in the chemical reaction and cause damage.

Castor oil works as a great natural protective barrier. You can also substitute this with olive oil or Vaseline, which will work just as well. You should apply this to the ends of your hair as well (if applicable), to prevent your hair from getting re-texturised or relaxed. 

And for how well Vaseline works? Really well! Although it has no nutritional benefits, it does the job of creating that layer of protection on your scalp and hair.

bottle of castor oil

Post Relaxer: Hair Mask

So now your hair is styled to the gawds. Great! So what next? It’s time to replenish the hair and scalp with all the nutrients and moisture that might have been stripped during the relaxer/texturisation process.

A hair mask works to condition and also strengthens the hair over time. Look for ingredients such as keratin to repair the hair shaft, niacinamide to soothe the scalp and comfrey root that will thoroughly moisturise the hair.

caffeinated hair mask by Frank Body


Your hair needs love in between those touch-ups. Daily care in the form of moisturising oils and UV protection is absolutely essential. For daily care, or when you feel your hair needs love, try a nutrient-rich serum like the ‘Scalp Serum’ from This Hair of Mine

Your hair and scalp are faced with everyday stressors that can affect the health of your follicles. Create a routine that restores the balance to keep your hair in tip-top shape. Pro tip: if you wear wigs often, protect your edges by wearing The Wig Fix under your hair for a secure, laid, and healthy protective style. 


Scalp Serum hy This Hair of Mine

These are some relaxer must-haves that you just can’t overlook. Remember that the chemical process is an ongoing one, and the right care is a must in order to achieve your desired results. Results that’ll do more than just make you look good, but make you feel good too.

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