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Grey Hair, But Make It Trendy!

Grey Hair, But Make It Trendy!

In 2022, we don’t hide grey hunny, we show it off! Grey is such a versatile hair colour choice! It is considered neutral because its shades and styles suit every single complexion. So whether you’re leaning more towards Ariana Grande than Storm from X-Men, you’re guaranteed to find a unit that fits the bill. Check out some of the greys we’re highlighting below!


Ashy and Cool

This is a cool neutral shade in more ways than one. Ash grey complements cooler skin tones and is a great choice for ladies who want to be bold. It’s almost white, but retains natural tones from root to end that add dimension and depth.

For this colour, look out for brassiness that may spoil the nearly-white look - purple shampoo should reverse any yellow or orange tints!

ash grey wig on a model


Kinks and Curls in a Grey World

We absolutely LOVE a highly textured take on the all-grey wig. A kinky or curly grey wig adds a wow factor to the traditional straight or wavy options. You could go full grey on kinky curly hair, play around with highlights, or keep the roots a little darker. 

No matter what direction you go, the type 3 and 4 textures would really show off the grey and add delightful layers to elevate the look.

Doja Cat in the 'Kiss Me More' Video


Ice-Cold Grey

It’s called icy grey because the end result will look like you literally dipped your hair in ice - and that’s definitely cold. This colour suits both warm and cooler tones, and really screams trendy! The bluish tinge is what gives it that gorgeous metallic effect - it's perfect for any occasion... especially when you want to stir up some conversation!
Nafeesa Williams Icy Grey


Dark Roots Committee

Dark roots are the perfect way to make any colour really work for you. If you’re not ready to go full grey, dark roots are always a safe start.

This chic, eye-catching style is great for going out with the girls or keeping it fab-and-formal.

Girl wears grey hair with dark roots

Image | Grey Wig with Dark Roots


Balayage is a French word that means “to sweep.” It's a colour technique where highlights are hand-painted or “swept” on the surface of random sections of hair. Sounds cool, right?

When you use grey as the highlight, it makes for an elevated salt-and-pepper look that is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a pop of colour that oozes sophistication and fun... so we're soo here for it!

 Grey wig with grey highlights

ImageGrey wig with Highlights 

Grey is great for every woman. There’s a truly magical quality about a black girl with grey hair that is perfectly styled. Black girl HAIR magic for sure. So for your next style, don’t hesitate to try going grey, because once you go silver, you’ll never go black.

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