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How to Select The Best Wig Grip to Secure Your Wig

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Spotlight: The Wig Fix

With more than 60,000 customers across 33 countries, meet the glueless wig securing solution that will replace any wig glue, spray and tapes.


How to Swim With A Wig

Your vacation days may be booked but is your wig secure enough for a quick dip? Learn the best tips and tricks on how to swim with a wig.


The Vacation Wig Toolkit

From conditioning aftercare, to the edge-friendly wig security, get to know everything you need to make your wig vacation ready.

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aaliyah jay

Celebrating Black Female Innovators in the Wig Space

Black History Month (US calendar) may be over, but we’re dedicated to celebrating Black excellence, innovation and creativity all year round. Today, we’re dedicating this blog post to Black innovat...

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