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The Best Wigs For Small Heads

The Best Wigs For Small Heads

For people with small heads, finding a pre-made wig that fits just right can be difficult. Of course you can always have a qualified wig stylist create a custom tailored wig for you but this isn't always convenient for everyone. So what are the best wigs for people with small heads? Let's find out.

Types of wigs for people with small heads  

Petite wigs

Like the name suggests, petite wigs are specifically constructed for people with smaller heads. While most mainstream wigs are designed to fit head sizes approximately between 21-22" in circumference, petite wigs fit those approximately between 20-21" in circumference. Wig retailers like Headcovers offer an extensive range of petite wigs which are suitable for different types of wig wearers. 

best wigs for small heads
Image | Headcovers
Headband wigs 
As these are intended to be worn behind the natural hairline, for people with smaller heads, wearing headband wigs on the hairline can help them fit better and give the effect of a full wig. Additionally, if they're still a little bit too big on petite heads, wearing them with a tight headband or with a scarf tied at the nape can allow for more control and security of the wig to ensure it stays on all day long, even on smaller head sizes. Amazon is a great place to find wigs especially for beginners and they offer a variety of headband wigs to choose from such as the Water Wave Headband Wig by Beckoning which retails for $46.99.  
bets wigs for small heads
Image | Beckoning via Amazon 
Wigs with adjustable bands
Pre-made wigs usually come with combs or clips to keep them secure but some also come with an adjustable strap at the nape. Similar to bra straps, wig straps allow you to tighten the wig to your head for a more comfortable fit. 

How To Secure Wigs To Small Heads 

Finding wigs that fit small heads is only the first part in the journey to making a wig fit a small head. Securing your wig is just as important. So what's the best way to secure a wig on a small head? With the Wig Fix.

Created by The Renatural, the Wig Fix is a silicone hair gripper with a unique, patent-pending, textured silicone design that uses gentle and comfortable compression against the scalp to keep wigs secured. This is automatically activated when worn. As an added bonus, the residual effects of this compression also stimulate increased blood flow to the scalp, encouraging thicker, natural hair growth overtime. It's also small head friendly! 

To ensure that it fits a range of head sizes, the brand used UN and WHO statistics as well as test groups of 118 men and women to create a fit that works for a variety of people, including those with smaller heads. 


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 How To Make Your Wig Fit Better

If you're still not having any luck finding a wig that fits your head perfectly, there are fortunately some tips and tricks you can use to make your wig fit you better:  

Add a wig cap
If you don't already, try adding a wig cap to your wig routine. This can help your wig fit you better if you have a smaller head by providing additional 'padding' without looking extra bulky. You can even double up on the wig cap or us a thicker one than you would usually. However, be mindful when doing this as it can cause excess sweating especially if you tend to get hot under your wigs with one wig cap. If so, try this tip with a wefted wig to allow some air flow to reach your scalp.

Add a glueless band 

All you need is the band, a needle and some thread–supplies which you can easily find online or at your local beauty supply store. Adding a band can make the wig fit you more snugly with minimal work.

Resize the wig cap
You can also work some DIY magic on the wig cap itself (the cap on which the hair is constructed) to make a wig that is too big fit a small head. If you're new to wig customisation, we recommend trying this technique on an old wig first as it can be tricky to get right the first time. 

Do you have a small head? What's your favourite place to find wigs? Let us know in the comments!

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Send me ware I can get petite wigs

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Can you send me a list of wig companies that sell petite or small wig sizes..thank you


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